Brady Jordan | Newborn Photoshoot

I’m in MAJOR disbelief that we are closing out Brady’s 5th week of life- how in the world did we get this far ALREADY.  time flies when you are having fun.. and/or not sleeping..?   I have to give him more credit than that because he does sleep well through the night and only wakes once to eat, but its just the day to day that is complete chaos and keeps us all very busy and exhausted!
I’ve been hoarding these sweet newborn photos until after I was able to send out Brady’s newborn announcements mainly because I’m weird like that and didn’t want to “ruin” the surprise in the photos I selected for the card.. see, weird and a little OCD.  for the first time ever Jordan and I included ourselves in the newborn photoshoot and I loved how they turned out.  a lifestyle shoot just 7 days after Brady was born was just a little bit hectic: consisted of one giant screaming meltdown by a teeny toddler to be unnamed, another kid that refused to smile and pouted over nothing her mother could ever understand, and I basically died of sweat the entire time.
..but Brady slept through the whole thing.
thank goodness.

photography by: b faith photography
 grey swaddle // little unicorn
housedress c/o dwell + slumber
twins’ dresses // candy kirby designs 
brady // tee + pants
…to the moon swaddle c/o baby jives
hello world cocoon swaddle c/o fawn + sage
custom baby blanket c/o dwell + darling
teddy bear hood c/o pine + poppy shop

April 27, 2017

  1. marielazs says:

    So beautiful!! He is just so sweet, and I can tell your girls are smitten. A baby boy to love, so sweet!

  2. I know these are professional photos, but do you still edit your Instagram photos the way you showed before? On pic tap go? I'm so unhappy with how my photos look & need help! I love yours!

  3. I know these are professional photos, but do you still edit your Instagram photos the way you showed on here before? With pic tap go? I never like how mine turn out the way I do them & wondering how you do yours.

  4. Becca Fonua says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! He is a loved little boy?

  5. Beautiful photos and a gergeous baby! <3