Preset FAQ

Q. What do I need to order to use your presets?
The Amber Massey Classic Collection is a bundle pack that includes 5 presets to use on BOTH your mobile device + your desktop computer. You will need to download the Lightroom Mobile App on your mobile device and you will need to use Version SEVEN of Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC on your desktop. You can buy these presets and use them for just your mobile or just your desktop, you do not HAVE to use them for both.

The Amber Massey Indoor Presets and the Amber Massey Spring Presets are for mobile use only. You only need to download the free Lightroom Mobile app to your mobile device.

Q: When I put the preset on my photo it doesn’t look the way I want it to. How do I fix that?
All photos taken with your phone or camera are all going to have different lighting conditions, colors, shadows etc. When using any preset, know that some adjusting is normal and expected. You need to know where to find your exposure, shadows, highlights, colors etc. and adjust until you get your desired look. Sometimes just changing the exposure up and down, or changing the warmth of the photo (the yellows) can change the photo drastically. Make sure to make small changes because it doesn’t take much to change the overall look of the photo.

Q: Does it matter if my images are in RAW or in JPEG?
No, the presets work on either RAW or JPEG.

Q: What if I lose my presets?
Once purchasing the presets, you are responsible for saving them to your computer as well as backing them up to a hard drive, flash drive or any cloud services. This will benefit you if your computer crashes or you get another device.

Q: How do I install them on my phone and/or Desktop or Laptop?
When your purchase was made, you should have received a PDF that gives all the
downloading instructions for your desktop Lightroom program and your Lightroom mobile app.

Q: I haven’t received my email with the download link and password, what do I do? If you have received your purchase confirmation email but not the email with the download link and password, first check your junk mail folder. If you still are unable to find it, please contact us at