Holiday Birthday Dinner

Last weekend (I know, I’m late) we were busy, busy, busy- but as I’ve mentioned in the past, that is how we apparently like to do things.  There has been nothing super exciting going on over the past several weeks, and then we decided we needed to cram as much as possible into three days. 

Friday night Jordan high-tailed it back from College Station where he was in Field Medic training for the entire week.  We met Chris and Diana for dinner at Mi Cocina to celebrate Chris’ December birthday.

We love these two!

After dinner, we all decided we needed dessert, and by dessert- Jordan and Chris meant one, very large, very fruity (read feminine), and complete with a toasted coconut rim.  I’m good with my oversized cookie and ice cream scoop(s), thanks 🙂

Cheers to this very special birthday boy!

Saturday was crazy, hectic, and all that in between.  Saturday afternoon Jordan and I spent having silly times taking our Christmas card pictures (as if my posting bombardment isn’t enough, I’m reminding you again!)

That evening we hosted Jordan’s parents for Bree’s birthday dinner!  We surprised Bree by inviting some of their oldest friends over as well, and Jenna was able to make it, too. 

And, clearly I have no pictures to prove to you my hosting skills.  FAIL.  epic FAIL.

Anyway- it was a fun weekend.

This weekend is another busy one..
Friday: Our annual Supper Club Christmas
Saturday: For the First Annual Generations Appetizers Party (Ok, so..I just made that up. The (big) Massey’s, The Lowe’s, The Shull’s, The Vineyard’s, and The (little) Massey’s will be getting together for an super fun appetizer party- SOOO pumped about that!) 
Sunday: The Fort Christmas

Should be fun, filling, and exploding with blessings.  Can’t wait!!

December 15, 2011


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