Holiday Parties Galorrrrreee

Yet again with the fulllllll to the brim weekend.


Jordan and I met our favorite people at Napoli’s in Grapevine for some delish Italian style fare. Supper Club is celebrated outside our homes in December- making it an extra special month 🙂

My sweet Diana- cannot get enough of her and her hilarious story-telling and genuine heart.  You’ll never meet another like her.

And.. Travis.  Oh, Trav.  So proud to present the ‘club’ with a sweet treat post-dins.  Apparently he stopped at a chocolaterie and was extensively educated on the selected chocolates.  This picture looks so familiar to me..

This picture is priceless- blurry or not.  His extensive education carried out to us at the dinner table…something about the ‘Wild Woman’ piece of chococlate interested me- and here, Trav is teaching us about it.  The remaining 6 of use were consumed with giggles.

…Especially after Jarrett blurted the random ‘AWW MAN.’ Clearly he was so dissapointed after someone else chose a chococlate he wanted. 

The girls and me in front of the Square in historic downtown Grapevine.  That big tree in the back sings with a face and everything!

Just last weekend, Jordan and I were here for pictures of our own!

Ashley gave us the cuuuutest gift- an ornament.. a fork.. a FORKAMENT.  Thats it 🙂  There’s not a more perfect gift for the Supper Club friends 🙂  It looks so sweet hung on our tree.  First thing I did when we got home that evening.

After 6+ hours between prepping for my personal client, and then for our appetizer party that evening- it was a full day of cooking.  Even after a shower I still felt like I stunk of cooked food.  HA!
The spread was impressive 🙂

The girls- love them! Jenna, me, and Shay

Our Momma’s (in-law)!  Besties for over 30 years!
Sherry (Shay’s mom) and Bree

I have tree envy.  Bree’s house was so beautiful and decorated to the nine’s with Christmas.  We all decided that random throwing of twinkle lights on things (for example, the dining table- as seen in the daughter picture above) will be in our plans for decor next year!

Speaking of tree evny.  This (hugggge) lone tree in the middle of no-where.  Driving out to the Massey’s, there is a rather large ranch property- and this tree sits just about in the middle of it.  Really gorgeous.  You can see it from miles away!  I had to make J stop for a photog.

BEST time at the Fort Christmas Reunion.. except, I suffered from Picture failure.  Oops:)
As I get ready for the festivities this week I am reminded of the most important reason for this season.  Sunday’s message at church was an amazing one..
Let’s not let God’s presents blind us (and get in the way of) His presence!

December 20, 2011


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