Life Maps

Totally late on this posting- but I have a good enough excuse- lack of time.. okay, and effort.  I played around with these pictures last week and got tired and left them alone until now.  A couple weekends back Jordan and I headed out to Lake Kiowa for a mini getaway (really..more of an overnight away) with our sweet community group family.  Our group is newly formed, so we saw it fit to do what is called Life Maps to give one another a real look inside our lives as an individual and as a couple.  And what better way to bond than to shack up in a house, on a lake, jet skis, yummy food, and perfect patio weather. 

Brian is a golf pro and has many of buddies that are so gracious- look at this place! Each couple had their own bedroom.. and big comfy bed!   

The Girls at attempt number one.. (and this continued for another 10 minutes- multiple pictures later.  Thats what we get for handing the cameras over to our boys)

 Finally- all of us lookig at the camera- and no windblown hair ‘horns’ 🙂

Right to left: Lisa (Brian), Me, Stephanie (Luke), Amy (Dan), Taylor (Jeff)
My sweet Stephanie!  Her and Luke live right around the corner (literally) from our old home in Coppell- sad day to find this out after the fact! 
Jeff opted to test his fishing skills- so off to the dock he went.

There he stayed until he caught a wee little fishy.  He is too much fun. I mean- everything that comes out of his mouth provokes a chuckle. 

I don’t see how Taylor makes it through the day without crying off her makeup from laughing so much.  Mine was done for after about 45 minutes.    

 Dinner time!  Each couple was responsible for a meal- On Saturday night, each person brought their meat of choice, and Jordan and I provided the sides to go along with: The Massey House Salad, Roasted Asparagus, Creamy Golden Potatoes, and The World’s Greatest Grilled Bread (YES- it is the world’s greatest). 

 “Meat and Potatoes, Brian.” 

 Luke took charge of the steaks.. and me and Taylor’s salmon 🙂  Jeff traveled to NOLA for work and brought each of us an apron- handing them out and requiring that if we were cooking we were wearing them.  Fine by me!

After dinner we gathered on the porch seating for sharing our Life Maps

So comfy- what a great place.  The weather was perfect, too!

Saturday night was the Super Moon- and this picture does no justice.  It was GORG!

Sunday morning- breakfast time!  Yummy Banana Pancakes, Fresh Fruit, BACON, and Scrambled Eggs- a full feast!

 Time for the jet skis!  Luke and Jordan doing illegal things

Luke’s goal was to throw Jordan off that raft at all costs. 
After a rolling summersault across the lake, Jordan was done- back to dry land for him.
Time for those girls- I do believe those sunglasses made a place at the bottom of the lake that day. 

 Bocce Ball!  Best of seven?  Crazy boys. 

Ohh- yikes.  Sans makeup for Amber- not a good look.  

I was sad for the weekend to come to an end so quickly.  I love these girls

The required couples shot- I love each one together and indivudually- I can’t wait to see what God has in store for this group- all good things! 
Until the next trip!  

May 15, 2012


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