15 Weeks

For the record- My sweet hubby insisted I take the weekly bump picture with my swim suit on.  We were headed out for some quality pool time, and decided right that second was the very best time to take the picture.  No makeup, (very) dirty hair, and baring my belly for all to see. 
Most of my wardrobe this week consisted of nothing really more than this and another suit. So, It seemed fitting to him, I guess.  So, I obliged his request:)    
How far along? 15 Weeks 3 days

Total weight gain: 13lbs.  (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)
Maternity clothes? Still wearing one pair of non-maternity pants to work.. my brown pants. I will say that I could LIVE in  my Loved by Heidi Klum black skinny pants.  I LOVE them.  I’m fearful that I may be wearing these from now until the end of work for me. 
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Still tired most of the time.  I could sleep anywhere.. The other ‘night’, Jordan and I were in bed dozing off to sleep at 8:30pm.  It was still light outside!  My early-to-sleep/early-to-rise hubby appreciates my desire to get into the bed around that time.. last night we were both asleep by 9:30pm, and I didn’t budge all night. 
Best moment this week: Getting to visit with Jordan’s family over the July 4th holiday.  We have decided upon names for the girls, and one of them will be named after Jordan’s Granny.  We got to tell her in person, which was so fun.
Miss Anything? Caffiene.  This week I started getting headaches (I have one currently, but I’m pretty sure it is this headband thats causing it rather than lack of caffiene.) and so I always wish for the caffiene that just might make it go away.  I know it is probably not the case of a caffiene headache- I havent had a Diet Coke or regular coffee in almost 5 months, but the thought that I have a ‘cure’ is in my brain.  Plus, just a little pick me up would be nice since being so sleepy all the time.
Movement: Nothing yet- c’mon babies, make a move!
Food cravings: Dry cereal at night before bed continues. Still eating my weight in FRUIT– doesn’t matter what kind it is.  Greek yogurt is a favorite.  I crave it.  I get excited at the thought of paring it with fruit.. and ham sandwiches.  breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I.want.one.every.meal.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still eating a lot of vegetarian meals. Half of the time the thought of meat still buggs me- chicken in particular.  Still no leftovers for me, either.
Gender:  Baby girls x 2!!  We go to the doctor on Monday for another check up.  Jordan made the comment the other night that he wouldn’t be surprised if there is a boy in there… Hush your mouth, boy;) 
Labor Signs: Nope.
Symptoms: Headaches here and there- not liking these at all one bit.  I’ve never dealt with headaches before, so this is new to me.  Nosebleeds, so gross.. and apparently normal- mostly just in the morning with all the congestion I have going on.  I’ve been told of the weird dreams women have while preggo, and well, those have started, too.  Earlier this week I dreamed I was in a house full of live bears, all sleeping and I had to stay extra quiet to make sure none of them woke.  A couple nights before that I was a demo girl at SAM’s Club.. making smoothies for customers.  Last night I smoked about 12 packs of cigarettes, one right after the other.  Disturbing.  Never smoked (aside from the random occasions to be cool in high school.)  They are all so random.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Not moody, per say..just emotional.  I had random bout of tears (frantic tears, really) while we were at the lake.  I couldn’t find my teddy that I sleep with evety night (yes, 27 and and about to have children and still have a teddy..) Jordan thought I was about to have a metal breakdown if he didn’t find it fast.  Earlier this week I spent most of my Monday in tears.. well because it was Monday.  Apparently a stressful day for a pregnant woman.
Looking forward to: Planning out the nursery decor.  J and I have been putting together ideas for what we want and like.  We have the colors down for sure, but now it comes to the questions; “Do we put color on the wall or stick with a neutral and put color in the decor?”, and “What should the baby bedding look like?”, or “Chandelier or ceiling fan..?  <— Thats a no brainer, duh.  But, humoring my hubby with the thought of keeping the ceiling fan;)

July 6, 2012

  1. Maureen W. says:

    Hi, Amber. I'm one of Shay's blog followers and she sent me over to say hi since I am a recent twin (b/g) mama myself. Congratulations on your little girls and what looks like a great pregnancy so far. I don't have anything to compare it with since mine are my first (and second) babies, but I will say it is the most difficult thing I have ever done, but I also feel SO blessed to have been given this precious gift. We have other twins in our families, so thankfully I received a lot of good advice from their mamas as well as from a moms-of-multiples group I belong to. There are a lot of "tricks of the trade" (as well as a lot of trial and error!). If you need a twin-mama friend, I'm happy to share any of what I have learned surviving these last 10 months. God bless you and your family! mjweschler@gmail.com