High Five! It’s Friday:)

How has yet another week passed me by?  I feel like just when I’ve posted my high five for the week, it is time to post another!  The past couple months have been a total whirlwind- I like it when I can take the time to be thankful for my week’s happening, even if it is just as simple as a new nail polish.  Which brings me to my first of the high five for this week. (Linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk)   

1.) New fingernail polish:)  OPI Call Me Gwen-ever.  I love it when I see the new flavors displayed so beautifully in the store- and this one is so fun for summer (Don’t you know that nail polish colors are called flavors?  Along with candle scents, and lip gloss..).  Different from the classic pink, almost orange, and, if you ask me- seriously the ‘it’ color of the summer.  I learned this morning when I went to grab my favorite lippy gloss flavor at the moment- Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush: Red Delicious- it matches perfectly:)  Effortless color coordination. 

2.) My lovie and I enjoyed a mini mid-week date night- Gloria’s is Yum!  Nothing super special, but we don’t typically dine out during the week, saving it for the weekend activities, but it was a nice change from the usual:) Our date night, however included two special guests- my Mom and Dad.  We haven’t seen them in a long time, and so it was a nice evening of catch up and discussion.  They came in for just the afternoon and then headed back home to Austin after dinner.  Really good to see them:)  Jordan and I enjoyed it!   

My belly (and my sweet babies) were pleased with the weeknight mix-up. 

3.) Got back to the gym this week, finally.  It has been, oh, I say about 17 weeks and er.. 3 days since I was at the gym.  It was no spin class (oh, how I miss you.) but I felt the burn with my fast strides on the treadmill.  I was getting dizzy trying to focus on the television that was connected to my treadmill.  It took all I had not to look at it- I would for sure be falling off if I made focus for too long.  My Nike Dri-Fit tee barely fit over my belly.  I guess I’ve become bigger than I thought..

4.) We are new homeowners!  The ink is still wet on the documents, actually.  Oh my gracious this has been quite the headache- but worth it, I suppose, to get one beautiful house (on a half acre might I add?  My land-lover of a husband is SO pumped)! Looking forward to raising our sweet Parker and Jolie here:)

5.) My FAVorite part of the entire house.. the kitchen.  DUH.  Look at what I’ve got to work with here! Gas stop stove (hello!  I could stop right there.), TWO Jenn-Air ovens, a convection microwave.. and not pictured is the built-in stainless steel fridge and mega dishwasher.  Not to mention that this kitchen is completely open to the living area, perfect for entertaining.  I’m so in looovvve.

This weekend shall be fun- totally looking forward to it! 

**Tonight Jordan and I are staying in and relaxing- homemade pizza is on the menu, along with playing catch up with our weekly DVR’d shows and probably a movie or two via Netflix.  I love lounging in our comfies.  Even more so than going out, I think.  This morning while I was getting ready for work I was relieved and excited to think about our evening at home.
**Stephanie is back in town and settled from her move back home toTexas from Chicago.  Saturday will consist of mani’s, laughter, pedi’s, more giggles, Sonic drinks, fun banter, and yummy brunch at one of my favorite places- Benedict’s.  Cannot WAIT to see this girl!
**Sunday evening Supper Club will be hosted by my sweet bestest- Ashley!  We had to mix it up this month on what day we planned to meet up for dinner- it was getting difficult with busy summer schedules and planning around Jordan’s shifts at the station, but we found a day to work, thank goodness:)  I haven’t seen Diana since her teenie baby bump popped out, can’t wait to give it a rub- and of course hug the neck of all my favorite people! 
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Loves!

July 20, 2012

  1. katie martin says:

    OMG! How gorgeous is your new home?!?!?!? Congrats! Where did y'all end up buying?

  2. Maureen W. (Maryland) says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful new home! I can just imagine your girls growing up there. If the rest of the house is anything like the kitchen, I hope you post more photos!!
    PS – How did you manage to take a photo of your belly on the treadmill without falling off?!?

  3. Jackie Manack says:

    Amber! Congrats on your sweet baby news! Your name came up tonight at dinner and someone said you were having twins! And twin girls at that- so much fun. So happy for you girl, I just had to get on here and tell you! Oh and I LOVE your kitchen… dying of jealousy here 🙂

  4. Teresa Ann says:

    Congrats on the new home! It looks absolutely gorgeous! Hope we get to see the rest of the house sometime! 🙂 xoxo