We would like to introduce to you our sweet baby girls.. by name:)  After weeks of going back and forth, contemplating the very best names for our precious little ones, and after finding out the sexes of both babies, we decided on our favorites.

Hi.. my name is Parker Jane (aka, Baby A) 

So, where did Parker come from? Well.. thanks to television and these Massey’s love for our ‘shows’ we heard this name about 3 years ago on one of our then favorites.  The character was so cute (like blonde-hair-blue-eyed cute..) and hilarious.  So spunky and ambitous.  One night after pizza for dinner (yes, I remember it all that well.) I said out loud, “I really like the name Parker for a girl..I’ve heard it for a boy before, but never a girl.”  Jordan responded in a agreement and it sort of stuck in our brains as our all time favorite name for a girl.  This was our number one girl name- so even before when we didn’t know the sex of the babies just yet, we for sure had one boy name and one girl name. 

Our boy name will just have to be saved for later… although Jordan has said on more than one occasion that our sweet Lord will provide him with a house full of girls and no boys. 

We decided this name for Baby A due to the fact that this girl is all over the place.. and well, has her own sense of ‘spunk’ going on in the womb.  Every time we see her via sonogram she is literally bouncing off the ‘walls’ in there- screaming for attention, so to speak.  Last time we got a glimpse, she was scrunching in a ball and then shooting all her limbs out, repeating over and over again.  Our doctor even got a good laugh out of it.  I am afraid we will have our hands full with this one.

The middle name is after Jordan’s Granny Jane (Jordan’s grandmother on his mom’s side.) 

Baby B.. Jolie Grace

Jolie.  I ADORE this name.  This name has not been a favorite my whole life.. nor for over three years like Parker.  We have some old friends that named their first little girl Jolie, and don’t ever remember thinking I just LOVED the name.  Randomly I put it on our list of names, under the girl column, and there it stayed.  A second girl name hadn’t been given much thought at all, but when it did come down to it, I totally fell in love with it- not remembering why or how that happened.  Jordan and I went back and forth between names and it consistently came down to this name.. and the next day we’d be back at it again with decisions.  Partly because my husband seems to have ‘buyer’s remorse‘ with everything decision he must make- double checking himself through all accounts possible after he has chosen to go a certain way. 

Large purchases are a nightmare.. try sitting at a car lot for over 11 hours.  I cried. 

But, with every conversation about our girl’s name, Jolie brought a contageous smile to his face. He knew.  I knew.  We both new.  This was it.  Plus, the name just seems to fit Baby B, as she is completely chilled out, sleeping, or rolling around on her tummy (like her mamma,. these days.) whenever we see her.  In fact, on the day we found out the sexes, she was curled up in a ball- careless to the fact we were trying to see what in the world she was- boy or girl.  The doctor was pushing and trying to make her roll over, and Parker was having none of it.. being a little wiggle worm and messing up the screen.  It was a fun day to see them, for sure.

Jolie’s middle name comes from Jordan’s MeMe on his Dad’s side- her name is Grace.  Plus- I love this name anyway, sweet grandma or not:)

So there you have it:)  And, in honor of our sweet girls, I want to thank Andrea from Slightly Askew Designs for helping to renew our little space in blog world- making it more fun, and including the biggest part of our lives- these little ones, Parker and Jolie, set to arrive in December.

So.. names are decided.. now onto the nursery.  How FUN this is going to be!!

July 9, 2012

  1. Love your names! Sweet girls!

  2. bonbon says:

    Such cute names! I have always loved Parker for a girl's name- ever since I say the Toeby Maquire spiderman in fact! Now, if I could just talk my husband into it! Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you. You're adorable and I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower 🙂

  3. katie martin says:

    Such sweet names! And might I add that you make an adorable belly bump! 😉