24 Weeks

How far along? 24 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: 20 pounds (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)  Steady gaining 1-2 pounds/week- We will see at the doctor this morning how much I actually have gained.  I confess to not be very regularly stepping on that scale.  
Maternity clothes? Full maternity.  I have retired to my comfies since starting my homebound status this week.  I am in love with these jersey pants from Gap (I have them in the blue and the brown) and currently sporting in the photo above this ballet top, also from Gap (even though it isn’t doing much for me or my shape in this picture- it is much cuter in person).  Seeking out some kind of style since being at home- not really.  I really, really want some of these, but where would I wear them?  To doctor’s appointments?  Out to the mailbox? My position on the couch to watch my DVR’d shows?  Someone would appreciate them, I’m sure.  More and more of my once ‘too-big’ maternity tops are becoming more snug.  What is sad is that I’m actually surprised when I attempt to slip one on over this belly, and it is more form fitting than I remember.  O-well.  What can you do? 

Stretch marks? None!  It is still early, tho.. but I’m hopeful:)
Sleep: I halfway dread getting into bed at night.  The best part about being at home  full-time now is that I can nap and lay around as much as I want- so a sleepless night isn’t too bad.  I had a girlfriend tell me she slept the best she has ever slept while she was pregnant.  I could have kicked her in the shin for that comment, but whatever.  I love her too much to result in a shin bruise and would probably cry due to the overwhelming guilt (and preggo hormones.)

Best moment this week:  I can guarantee that my best moment will be this morning as we are getting to see our sweet little one’s on the monitor.  We have our 24 week appointment with both the perinatologist and my regular OB.  We invited Jordan’s parents along for this sono- they have never seen one before, so this will be fun.
Miss Anything?  I continue to miss sleeping through the night.  Other than that I’m pretty content. 
Movement: I have crazy lil’bits in my belly.  They actually kept me up some of the night this week- but I think part of that is the fact that I want to feel them move.  They are a little over a pound a piece now, and it is crazy to think that those tiny ones can create such strong movements.   

Food cravings: Peanut butter toast- duh.  Dairy- yogurt, cheese, yogurt, cheese, and more yogurt, milk, and more cheese.  Fruit- not a surprise.  Randomly I’ve had an desire for the chocolate sprinkle shakes from Chili’s.  We never eat there (J isn’t a huge fan..) but it is all I can think about right now.  If anyone wants to bring me one of those.. and a cheesy tots from Sonic, I’ll call you my best friend.  Don’t forget the ketchup- for drizzling over my shake.  Kidding.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Just laying on my right side or my back.  
Gender:  My girls!!

Labor Signs: Nope   
Symptoms: Always, ALWAYS having the urge to pee and being just plain sleepy (mostly because I sleep about 3 hours a night- up mainly between the hours of 2-5am.)  

Wedding rings on or off? On- but fear is creeping in that I may need to lay them to rest for the remainder of this pregnancy.. not yet, but I foresee it to be soon.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy girl for the most part,  cranky on occasion- but I blame the lack of sleep.  

Looking forward to: Today- getting to see my sweet babies on the sono screen:) I LOVE seeing them! I confess to being a bit nervous every time we walk into the doctor’s office, not for any reason- just because.  Updates and sono pictures to come for our 24 week check-up!

September 6, 2012

  1. Mandy says:

    You should have kicked said person in the shins…and stepped on her feet and perhaps pulled her hair. I mean I'm not one for violence, but someone who actually lets the words "I've never slept as good as when pregnant" is simply asking for it. Who can possibly sleep when there is a huge beach ball to manuever and there is no comfortable position and you have to pee the very second you do finally find a bit of comfort. Ugh. So worth it all, but seriosuly…kick her next time 😉 She'll heal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can't remember how I found your blog, but I've been following for about a month now and really like it. I was excited to learn that you're having twin girls, and I look forward to reading your weekly updates. You sure look a lot cuter than I did when I was pregnant with my identical twin girls! I gained 69 pounds, but they were pretty big babies (7.3 lbs. and 7.4 lbs.) so I guess I can justify some of that weight gain. My girls just turned 23 years — time sure flies!

  3. Anonymous says:

    One more thing — you have the best hair! You should post a video on how you style it, and which products you use (like Kate from The Small Things blog).

  4. Kristen says:

    I love love love your baby bump updates! They're adorable! 🙂