25 Weeks

How far along? 25 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: According to my doctor’s visit weigh in a week ago- about 20 pounds, give or take a pound. (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)  Still steady gaining 1-2 pounds/week- and although there is the occasional “I feel like a beached whale” comment (mainly when I’m getting up from the sitting position) I feel pretty confident in my weight gain.  Aside from the ‘you are beautiful‘ statements I’m reassured with on a daily basis by my sweet husband, I’m not doing anything wild with my diet- like literally eating for three.  So the inevitable has become my norm.  
Maternity clothes? Full maternity.  Really, I’ve retired to comfy maternity.  I actually pulled the tags off the shirt I am wearing in the belly picture above before putting it on this morning.. I have a couple pieces of clothing I have yet to wear- when I bought them early on, they were huge on me- I had yet to really fill them out!  But, alas.. I have a rather large bump, and those clothes fit me well these days.        

Stretch marks? Nope, not a one (sweeeeetttt– hoping for it to stay that way!)
Sleep: This week is remarkably better.  After last week, I really thought I was doomed to surrender to insomnia.  Like I mentioned in the 24 week appointment update, my OB approved of me taking a low dose (25-50mg) of Benadryl to help me get my snooze on.  I took this two nights in a row (night one: 50mg, night two: 25mg)- mainly out of fear for not sleeping at all.  The next day it seemed as though the babies were just sleepy.. not as active as they usually are, moving around- but no flip-flops or strong jabs.  I haven’t taken anything since Sunday night, and I’ve slept well, aside from the usual up and down for potty breaks.   The babies are their normal selves- active and beating the crap out of the inside of my belly.  I like that better.  Even though my very conservative OB approved it, the Benadryl will be used as a last resort. 

Best moment this week:  Jordan and I have been working on the nursery in bits and pieces- the cribs are up, changing table/dresser is bought and getting painted, finally decided on a glider, and Jordan’s mom finished a project she has been working on for the girls.  She came over on Sunday afternoon and we set it up in the nursery- and it looks SO good!  My vision of baby girl nursery is coming together! I’ve found myself sitting in there just looking at it, and picturing Parker and Jolie in their cribs.  I also organized their closet and hung up clothes- serious nesting going on these days of being at home.
Miss Anything?  Sleeping through the night, and having a normal appetite.  I don’t get a hungry feeling- I always feel full- with two babies in my belly, that is normal.  I’ve gotten to where I have to make myself reminders that it is time to eat.  If I go too long without eating I start to feel physically ill, and then I’m raging to find something to put in my mouth.  I try an avoid that raging situation- for the sake of others, as well.      
Movement: Busy, BUSY baby girls.  They are getting stronger and stronger.  Early morning while I’m still laying in bed they will both be moving around- I’ll feel kicks from both ends of my belly.      

Food cravings: Not really. Still enjoying the usual: fruit of all kinds, yogurt, cheese, peanut butter toast.  I have a desire to have something in my mouth all the time- bubble gum, sucker, hard candy- you name it.  My mom  brought me some Blow Pops (sucking on one as we speak!), and those have kept me busy this past week.  Still waiting on my chocolate shake from Chili’s…and cheesy tots with plenty of ketchup to go with.  

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really.  

Labor Signs: I had my very first Braxton Hicks contraction this week.  I didn’t even know what it was until I described it to my doctor- she smirked at me and made mention that since my body thinks I’m 33 weeks pregnant, that the tightening of my abdomen is totally normal and will continue.  It has happened twice- once when I was leaning over to pick something up, and the other was when I got up off the couch a bit to quickly.  Lasts about 30 seconds and then its over.  
Symptoms:  Congestion comes and goes.  This week I started to get serious heartburn/reflux.  I have never ever had heartburn, but I dealt with mild reflux before pregnancy.  Both now are making me miserable.  I’m okay during the day- but in the late afternoon/evening, and all through the night- I feel like my throat is closing in and food is sitting right at the back of it. Blech.   I’ve been rather emotional this week- cried multiple times, and its not just a couple tears- it is full on breakdown, snotty nose, and puffy eyes to boot.  My mom left for home yesterday morning, and I lost it moments after she left- sniffling and talking between sobs to Jordan on the phone (he was at the fire station).  Hormones.   Also, the contant feeling of needing to pee.  I have started to conserve my use of toilet paper because I am going through it like water.  I can hardly contain myself when I am out somewhere and use the potty and toilet paper on someone else’s dollar.  It feels so nice to use more than two squares of paper at a time.  I almost force myself to resist the urge to stuff a roll in my purse.  I know- please don’t judge.   

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Aside from random bouts of sobbing, I’m a happy girl.  My doctor warned me that the steroids could cause me to become aggressive at times- and I was boldly boasting that they didn’t affect me in this way.  The look on Jordan’s face was clear that I shouldn’t have been so bold with my statement.  Apparently there have been multiple times that he has had to force himself to just walk away for fear I may come after him with a butter knife if he questioned the attitude flying out of my mouth.  What?  Me?  Attitude? (try not to laugh too loudly, Bree..and Bree’s son.)       

Looking forward to: Next week starts the first (or second, really) of several baby showers to celebrate these girls!  I’m looking forward to being with friends, family, and getting out of the house:)  We also have another doctor appointment on Tuesday, so I get to see my babies (again)  We are so spoiled!   

September 13, 2012

  1. Meredith says:

    I'm late on this. 🙁 You look fabulous as always! And I hope this isn't a bad thing for you to hear, but our pregnancies sound SO similar (although I sincerely hope you pass the glucose test)! Can't wait to hear about your baby showers and see all the cute things you get!!