High Five For Friday: 09.14.12

I missed last week’s High Five.. I think I was still trying to get the hang of being at home- organizing myself.  I confess to have done a lot of blogging around work, and now being at home with nothing really to do, time gets away from me, and I completely forget to get my posts done!  I think I’ve done a better job this week, though:)  
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1.)  This week was super busy for Jordan- working several days at the fire station, leaving me home alone for all but one night- boo.  My mom decided it was a good time to come in town for a visit keeping me company and spend some quality time with me and this belly.  She hadn’t seen our new home or anything regarding the nursery decor, so it was a good trip.  I warned her that there would be a lot of lounging around.  She was a great sport and hung out in her PJs with me all day everyday.. well, almost.  We ventured out for lunch on one afternoon, but came straight back home after.  It was great to see her and have just mom-and-daughter time for several days in a row.  I even got an at home pedicure a la momma out of the deal:)

2.)  Being a dietitian has it’s perks.  I always get dibs on great (and freeeeee) goodies and samples.  The American Heart Association has just released their newest cookbook just in time for the cooler weather-  a healthy slow-cooker cookbook.  Suh-weet.  They read my mind- I’m all about my slow-cooker and the easy meals that come out of it.  I was in the middle of meal planning for next week when my new cookbook hit the porch.  Right on.

3.)  I re-phrase my previous statement: Being a dietitian, with a healthy foodie blog, has serious perks.  I didn’t get just one package in the mail this week (see #2) but I also got an overflowing sample pack from Mediterranean Snacks.  I got several bags and boxes of their Baked Lentil Chips and Lentil Crackers.  They are both deeeelish! They have just been certified as Gluten Free by the GF Certification Organization.  Not that I need GF, but it is a great, high fiber option for those with Celiac Disease.

4.)  Speaking of slow-cooker.. I tried out a new recipe for overnight oatmeal, and good gracious, it was yummy!  I had been seeing and pinning ideas from Pinterest and finally made my own version.  It turned out great!!  Check out Chocolate Broccoli for the end result of this Cinnamon Apple Overnight Oatmeal.

5.)  Like I made mention before- my mom and I ventured out one day for lunch- and by golly I made the best of my outing with this mini bundt cake from Corner Bakery.  Highlight of my day..  It was so yummy.  If I wasn’t embarrassed to go up to the counter for yet a third time that afternoon (first to order my soup and sandwich combo, then a second time to order dessert..) I could have eaten two of them.

Being secluded to my house for week number two has been great.. lazy, napping, and quality time with my momma.  PLUS- I had special treats come to me– right to my door step.  I’ll take it:)  I hope your week has been blessed!!  Yaay for Friday!

September 13, 2012


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