30 Weeks

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How far along? 30 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: I honestly haven’t hit the scale this week.  It isn’t that I’m avoiding it.. but I didn’t have to go to the doctor this week because last week’s check-up went so well (woo-hoo!) My guess would be close to 24-25 pounds thus far.  
Maternity clothes? 97% of the time I’m lounging in my comfies.  You can just about always see me in one of two pairs of Gap maternity jersey pants.. and matched with some kind of Gap pure body cotton tank.  Those have become my norm.  Comfort is most important these days.  Anything under the belly is best.  The over the belly pants kill me.. I feel like I’m suffocating.           
Stretch marks? None.  I am hopeful to make it another 7-8 weeks with a clear belly:) 
Sleep: Comes and goes.  After the weekend business with showers and being social- I have slept like a baby for the past several days.  All the festivities wore me out!  But, who am I kidding, holding a normal conversation wears me out these days.  
Best moment this week:  Getting to see all the hard work and planning of my girlfriends that hosted an absolutely gorgeous shower.  They hired a photographer to take on the responsibilities of capturing the moments rather than worrying with my camera.  After the shower was over, the photographer hung out a little longer and took some super sweet pictures of me and Jordan in Ashley’s momma’s backyard.  Due to bed rest I am not able to have a real session for maternity photos.  Ashley asked the photographer ahead of time to make sure we were able to get some.  I was so pleased with how they turned out!  (I’ll post those soon!)
Miss Anything? Last week’s complaint of not being able to breathe.. well- yes, I still miss that ‘luxury‘.  I also miss sleeping on my stomach.  I know I would sleep so much better if I could roll over and sleep like I’ve slept since I was 2 years old.            
Movement:  All the time:) Shocker..  I feel like Jolie’s movement is most noticeable, but, since both girls like to hang out in the middle and on my right side, I sometimes get confused who is actually moving at the moment.  Jolie has been getting the hiccups almost nightly, and how sweet it is.  It is soft, consistent movement every 5 seconds and lasts for about 10 minutes and then its over.  When I heard and read about the babies getting the hiccups, I expected it to be horribly annoying- but it really isn’t at all.   
Food cravings:  I made sure to get stinky Brussels Sprouts on the grocery list this week.  As random as that craving is, it hasn’t gone away. I’ve even given the Sprouts their own board on Pinterest.  I liked those veggies before pregnancy, but really have a desire now.  Blow Pops, yes.. daily.  I haven’t gotten my donut for breakfast, yet… I’m about to start harassing.     
Symptoms:  My ever growing (huge at this point) belly continues to be oh-so-heavy.  Yesterday Jordan loaded me up and took me to Aveda so I could pick up some foot cream (the most amazing foot cream on this earth.)  I think he was halfway afraid of getting the wrong thing (it isn’t cheap at $22/bottle) and really wanted to get me out of the house for a bit since we didn’t make a trip to the doctor this week.  The woman helping me behind the counter was so sweet and making compliments about how cute me and my pregnant belly were, but then followed up her sweet comments with ‘Are you due?‘ Not ‘when are you due’, or ‘are you getting close to being due’.. just basically ‘Are you about to give birth right here in my salon.’  My response to her (and the others that ask me the same question any time I’m out) No ma’am- I have until about the second week in December before I’m due.  I almost always give a short pause between my response and the explanation that I’m carrying twins- just so I can see their unintentional reaction, which is usually a gaping mouth or saucer eyes.  What gets me is that I apparently look huge and as if I’m ready for baby, but when I tell those that ask that I am carrying twins, 100% of the time their reaction quickly changes to “You are SO tiny for carrying twins!”  So, I’m either huge or tiny.. bouncing on both ends of the spectrum these days, I suppose.  Other symptoms.. my repeated congested head. Most of it has to due with simple pregnancy, but part of that I can attribute to the fight between my depleted immune system and whatever crud thats been making its way around.  I finished all my antibiotics/steroids as of yesterday.. and although my annoying cough is just about gone, I’m still with a stuffy head.  Boo.    
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.  Jordan made a big a spinach salad with grilled chicken for dinner the other night, and I ate just about all the chicken!    
Labor Signs:  Occasional Braxton Hicks.  There are some days I don’t have any at all.  Others I will have them 2-3 times a day.  Still nothing painful.   
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and emotional.  I’ve started to get into serious nesting mode.  Two nights ago Jordan found me sitting in the nursery closet- practically in tears- counting onesies and socks.  I had a notebook and pen writing out what I have and what I still need to get.  (Like how I completely left my baby daddy out of this?!) I.. err.. we plan to have sets of clothes in both newborn and preemie sizes.  My OB says the girls will most likely be about 5 pounds, but I want to be prepared!    If we were having just one, we would be set on clothes.  But since I can’t judge their sizes, and need double of just about everything, we are a little short on the layette end of things.   
Looking forward to:  Finishing the nursery and checking off the last of the to-do’s (from my list I made two nights ago, lol.)  We ordered the diaper bag, car seats, and have multiple interviews scheduled with potential pediatricians in the area.  The nursery glider was delivered yesterday (it is SO cute!) and I hear that the dresser/changing table is in the final stages of completion (fingers crossed!)  The custom nursery bedding is set for delivery in the next couple of weeks (finally.. ordered back in June.. I’ve been waiting the longest on that!) So, everything is coming together!  I’m still in the debate stages with my husband- attempting to justify the purchase of a chandelier for the girls’ room.  I think he’ll cave soon.  At least this girl can hope.  

October 18, 2012

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't know how set you are on a chandelier but keeping a fan on helps reduce the risk of sids. Just something to keep in mind.

  2. Ashley says:

    Hi Amber! I found your blog via Pinterest and every time you update, it takes me right back–I had twin girls in April at 37 weeks. All the uncomfortable stuff you mention, I'm remembering perfectly. Thanks for updating… before you know it, your girls will be 6 months old and you'll be wondering where the time went! I never went on bedrest; I actually worked until the day before I was induced (oh, those girls were snug in there but I was really, really struggling–more mentally than anything), and everyone would do the saucer eyes thing to me as well. People are so funny! Especially those who stare. But I was just glad to have my babies, as I'm sure you are. Have a great day!

  3. The Joiners says:

    Love reading these updates and getting a glimpse into the future- hope those baby girls let you get some rest for the next few weeks!

  4. jbmotley says:

    It always cracks me up when I tell people I'm 29 weeks and they look a little…scared almost (like I'm gonna have a baby right then and there!). Of course when I throw in the fact that it is twins, they switch and immediately say I'm too small for twins. I can't win for losing! Haha! I just don't think some people realize what they are saying 🙂

  5. hey there- just found you and am loving your blog! the design pulled me in but then i started reading and reading….so happy to be following you. i love the pic about the size of the chubs. haha.
    they are very cute, i cant believe you had twins and look so fabulous! 🙂 have a great day, i will be back to hang out.

  6. Hailey says:

    I love going back and reading your bump post! I will be 30 weeks on Friday with my twin boys and our scheduled date is 12/6 ( hopefully we make it!) , how funny is that!

    I cracked up reading how people ask if your due and you go on to tell them you have until December BUT carrying twins. I feel like I have that conversation all the time!

  7. Hailey says:

    I love going back and reading your bump post! I will be 30 weeks on Friday with my twin boys and our scheduled date is 12/6 ( hopefully we make it!) , how funny is that!

    I cracked up reading how people ask if your due and you go on to tell them you have until December BUT carrying twins. I feel like I have that conversation all the time!