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Last month my closest girlfriends hosted a baby shower in my honor to celebrate baby Parker and sweet baby Jolie.  It was the last of events in preparation for these girls to arrive, and I was thankful to be able to go!  Bed rest and hospital stays threatened to keep me from it- but in the end, everything worked out to our advantage.

Ashley, Diana, and Jacqueline did such an outstanding job- I was in awe of the details they thought of.. well, if you really know these girls- it doesn’t come as a surprise (at all) how detail oriented and thought out everything was.  I am one lucky, LUCKY girl to say the least.
I was going to do photo collages and such- making for a shorter posting, but wanted to share all the pictures in full size for your viewing enjoyment.. and to truly give these girls credit for everything they did!  
The invitation was too cute for words.  When I got it in the mail it seriously made me smile for the week following! The party favor was OPI nail every shade of pink you can imagine.  
I was caught walking out the door with three in tow.  Hey.. one for me.. one for Jolie..and one for Parker, right? Justified.

 The guests were greeted with yummy Raspberry Lemonade

Some of the details.  The shower theme was super girly.. flowers, candles, and pink, pink, pink! 
 Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice! 
We played a few games, and the winners of the game received one of these homemade brown sugar scrubs.  These are awesome- I got one, too- and have used it already several times!   

My little bits will have such cute clothes!  The Sugar and Spice onesies have their names on them:)

The dessert table

And if you thought this shower needed just one more ounce of preciousness..

A headband making station.   Shut. Up.

My girlfriends know that these girls’ heads will never be without.

My mom and Jenn making some bows..

Diana, Jacqueline, and Ash participating in the headband making, too!

Now for the food table.. and can we talk about how much I LOVE shower food?   

I could eat a bazillion tea sandwiches.  And hello.. shrimp cocktail?  I’m in.  

I didn’t get to fully see the food table during the shower as I walked in and went straight to taking my place on the sofa- following the ‘bed rest’ rules as best I could, you know.

So many prezzies for my babies!!

Jordan’s mom made these large frames for the girls’ nursery, and I cannot wait to fill them with their sweet faces!

Jennifer’s handmade sock bunnies:)  So cute!
A gift from my hostesses  

 Bedazzled Converse.  Yes, seriously.  LOVE!

and, of course.. there were plenty of tutus.  On days Jordan dresses them, we all know he’ll be going for these first.

I am so in love with this man.  He sat right beside me the entire time to help with present opening. Although I know he loved every second of it all.

Some of my guests

Kara and Me
Jordan, Kara, and her hubby, Tim have been friends since high school/middle school.  I was SO excited when I learned she could come to the shower.  LOVE seeing her to catch up.

Beautiful Ashley and the Amazing Deb.  Deb was so sweet to open up her home to host the shower that afternoon. Love this woman as much as I love her daughter.  Not to mention her mad hair dressing skills.  

My bestest.  I have seriously gorgeous friends.

Ashley and Me

Diana and Me.  She and baby Jacob are too cute for words!  Sharing the pregnancy experience with her has been so fun.

The Jennifer’s!  Jenn G. (left) has done an amazing job in covering for me while I’ve been off from work.  I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing my job for me but her:)  Jenn C. (right) is my lifeline and rock- she and I have become so close over the past two years I’ve worked at EHP.  I absolutely adore this girl and cannot wait to be back to seeing her everyday!  So glad they both came! 

My Mom and Me

 The soon-to-be-grandmother’s

My hostesses
These girls are the best anyone could ask for.  I love doing life with them.
Amazing, right?  Jordan and I are so lucky to be surrounded with such awesome people in our lives- that will love these girls as much as we do.  
Special thanks to Kelley Strout Photography for capturing these special moments

November 20, 2012

  1. Yay! I am finally catching up on my blog reading and love this post as much as I loved that day showering you and the girlies! I seriously CAN NOT wait to meet them 🙂
    Love you!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I am a new follower and LOVE reading your blog!! SUCH a cute shower!!! 🙂

  3. Sarah Tucker says:

    The headband station is the best idea EVER!! Along with nail polish as a party favor! You have such amazing friends!!

  4. Kelly says:

    What a cute baby shower!!! And you seriously have the cutest maternity clothes ever!!! When I get pregnant will you please sell me your entire maternity wardrobe?!?! I LOVE your blog by the way. I think we have tons in common!

  5. Kara says:

    I was so honored to be invited! It was so good catching up with you and Jordan. I cannot wait for you guys to become parents. Just a few more weeks!

  6. This is probably the cutest baby shower EVER! I love the headband station and all of the cute finger foods! Wishing you and your husband all the best as you welcome two little blessings into your lives.

  7. Meredith says:

    You and your friends know how to throw amazing showers! I loved everything from this shower–how cute! Headband station–so jealous. Poor Sloane only has a few headbands right now. I clearly need to get with the program. 🙂 Hope you're feeling great!