Insta-Wrap {1.26.2013}

My week has been so off kilter.  I cannot believe Friday came and went and now today.. well, it’s Saturday evening.  Where is my time going!  I’m heading into my last week of maternity leave, and of course it is flying by.  
Soaking up every last bit of time with these tiny ones before going back to work.  It will be a bittersweet day to leave them at home with daddy and BB, but hello?  Between bed rest and babies, its been 6 months since I’ve worked.
SIX. Months.
Ok, on with it- last week’s insta photo dump, here we go!
This is probably my favorite picture, to date.  She loves, LOVES her daddy.  She was so ready for him to be home after being away for 24 hours.  Momma was ready, too.  

Here, dear- take a baby.   
This week has been absolutely beautiful- well, until today.  Gloom and doom overcast all day long.  Jordan and I took a walk every single day- so good for this momma’s legs and for baby nap times:)  

Jolie- channelning her inner Alfalpha.  That girl’s hair.  Wild.

Our first attempt in the Bumbo.  She was a little confused, but overall figured out the concept pretty well.  What you don’t see in the picture is the other half of her love affair she has going with her daddy.  Lawdy– she loves him so.  Ok.. so this may be my favorite picture to date.  

Supper Club will forever be different.  Baby Jacob and the girls got social for Saturday night pizza making with our great friends at the Tapella’s home.

Playmat time- movin’ and shakin’, per their usual. attempt at tummy-time.

Those sweet baby lips and precious facial expressions- I die.

 Again- Parker and her daddy.  I sort of feel jealous.

I made a fancy dinner this week.. it was nice to have something besides grilled chicken and steamed vegetables!  Green Veggie Risotto, ahh- it feels good to be back.  Working to get in up on Chocolate Broccoli soon:)

Tuesday morning I was headed out for a dentist appointment and enjoyed the car ride there with one of my favorite artists and her song.  Played on repeat:)

Those baby blues.

Of course I couldn’t forget this sleeping beauty.

I got a wild hair on Wednesday morning and bathed both babies by myself.  It must have been all the sleeping these girls did the night before- it’s amazing what a little extra rest will do.

..and so began the day of no naps in the Massey household.  And, of course it was on a day that Jordan was at work.

I spent my entire day in this very position.  That’s ok.. my snuggle bunnies make for excellent couch potato company.

I have a thing for large head gear.

Daddy’s new dash candy:)  We stopped between my 6-week post op follow-up appointment and lunch to feed the girls in the truck.  Full bellies make for happy babies- so we poked a little fun.  Look this chubbs!

 Hellllloooo, Friday!

Jordan’s mom offered to watch the girls so we could go on a much needed, long-over-due date.  Our last date was August 30th.  Seriously.  So, we opted for a late lunch and afternoon movie.  I LOVE spending time with this guy.  He even got me home by 7:30pm.

Snack time.  Everyone needs a snack after having Mexican for lunch, popcorn (I ate the entire bag..), Sour Patch Kids, and Butterfinger bites at the movies.  I swear.  I am a bottomless pit these days.  #breastfeedingrulesmymetabolism

There you have it, folks!  What a week.  This week must be wonderful because I know it will go so fast.  Happy Weekend!


January 27, 2013

  1. Jodi says:

    Your baby girls are so precious! Good luck heading back to work!

  2. Katie says:

    they are adorable!! and i'm impressed your out and cooking dinner too! you are awesome!