Michael Kors Giveaway!

While it isn’t my giveaway, I wanted to tell you about it:) 

I am a sucker for a fancy watch.. and one of the Michael Kors kind ranks at the top of my list.  I’ve been waiting (patiently) to get my hands on a chocolate brown one- staring google-y eyed at it every time I see it.  I justify it’s purchase to the hubby everytime:

  • It would go with so many clothes I already have in my closet (not to mention the clothing I would buy to specifically match it)
  • It would bring out the color in my eyes (not reallyy..)
  • It would enhance the color of my hair (for sure..),
  • And it would totally make me a better person for having one
    • (I may or may not be fibbing on this one..)

I just need/want/must-have one, okay?  Reason enough, husband. 

Sweet Shanna and 17 other’s are hosting an amazing giveaway to win one of these very watches. 

Hello, amazing! 

Gimme, Gimme!!!! 
So.. do yourself a favor and go enter for your own chance to win one of these babies.  You will  for sure be a better person with one adorned on your wrist. Plus- your eyes- they’ll be brighter and more beautiful, too;)


February 7, 2013

  1. smk053078 says:

    Omg!! Thank you so much for posting this giveaway on your blog!! You are the grandest of them all!! 😉

  2. Sarah Tucker says:

    I want all of them…you buy half and I'll buy half, then we can share 🙂

  3. As a recently converted watch-lover I was SUPER excited to see this post today! Thanks for sharing 🙂