Easter 2013

Parker and Jolie’s first Easter and first road trip happened in the same weekend.. and I am happy to say that they were SO good at this whole travel thing. 

Friday morning Jordan and I loaded the girls up (along with practically our entire house.. traveling with twins is a whole other post.) and headed down to Belton (about and hour from Waco) where some of Jordan’s family lives.  The 2.5 hour drive was a piece of cake- P&J didn’t make a peep!  Even when we stopped for gas and to grab a bite to eat, they slept soundly.  #thankfulmomma

The weekend was filled with family and fun for these babies!  They were always entertained.  They love their Aunt Veeca and BB and had a great time playing with a serious collection of toys Veeca had.

 Jolie chatting it up with her BB

These past couple weeks the girls have hit some serious milestones (I’ll talk more about these in their 4 month post!). Jolie has come to life with her smiles and coos and baby jabber.  She always has something to say and wants to tell you ALL about it.

This is especially true when she’s getting her diaper changed.  That girl loves her a dry diaper!

More milestones.. actual play and interaction with sensory toys and rattles.  Parker and Jolie were totally into this particular toy and I nearly stuffed it in my bag to bring home with me:)

Jolie, again, telling her daddy all about it.

Parker is such a good sport.  She really is so laid back.  From the moment we arrived to Belton everyone was all over her and in her face to play.  While her sister was a little more timid, this baby didn’t mind one single bit!  She smiled and hammed it up while she had everyone’s attention.

I was snuggling with Jolie on the porch when I looked over and saw her Poppa putting her on the Barbie car.  I had to snap a picture:)

Isn’t she so pretty? 

This year I bought the girls’ Easter dresses really early- back on February when Carter’s had a Buy One Get On Free offer on the entire store.  (They make my life so easy with all their sales.  Serious.)  I fell in love with this little dress.. and the color- Hello? Yes, please. I’m so into the corals and bright pinks. 

When we finally decided that we were going out of town for the holiday weekend, I opted to return the dresses since they wouldn’t get a real wear out of them.  I returned them and happened to get 6 little outfits for what I paid for 2 dresses.. so it was worth the exchange if you ask me.  With summer right around the corner I couldn’t help myself but to load up on all those cutsie rompers and sundresses.  I am SO excited for this warmer Spring weather on the way. 

While we were at the NDMOT Spring Sale I came across these ‘Baby’s 1st Easter’ onesies.  Not totally my style to put these girls in something like that.. but they were $2 and worked for the occasion. 

A little big at a size of 3 months- hence the shoulder-pad look that Parker and Jolie are sportin’ in some of these pictures- but they looked so cute!  The chevron print headbands were made by another twin mommy friend that I’ve gotten to know through the amazing world of social media. 

I snapped about 80 pictures in attempt to get a “decent” Easter 2013 photo of my silly babies.  These are the best of the best.

#lifewithtwins #Joliealwayshassomethingtosay #parkerinconstantwindmillmotion

Happy Easter to you and yours.  I hope it was a blessed weekend!  I know we have SO much to be thankful for this year.  We are BEYOND blessed and loved on by my Savior. 

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April 2, 2013

  1. Lara says:

    Too much cuteness in 1 post!!!! They have such cute little personalities that show up in pictures.

  2. Mandy says:

    It looks like you all had a wonderful Easter!

    I cannot believe how big P & J are getting. Our babies need to stop growing so fast. It breaks my heart.

    Jaxon says hello girls!

  3. Sarah Tucker says:

    Heart melting. Adore these little peanuts!

  4. This post is just filled with cuteness! Oh my gosh, how fun, a first Easter with twins!

  5. Eeeeee!! Such cute little Easter bunnies. So glad their first road trip went great my friend. 🙂

  6. Brian Jones says:

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  7. Becky Branch says:

    Oh my gosh they are adorbs! I'm 32 and have a twin sister….best friend for life 🙂 we both have 2 year old boys & my mom shops for them like twins ha ha! Precious girls! xoxo Becky @ thejavamama.com