Wrappin’ It Up {4.12.13}

I must say.. This week was a good one.
It started on a Monday at home with my littles- we had a really busy day planned.  I was sad Jordan had to be at work, and a little nervous about taking on the busy day ahead all by myself.  I hand’t actually done that yet.
The morning started with therapy for Jolie {and a surprise visit from BB while we were there!  She was running an errand near the rehab hospital and decided to pop in to see if I needed anything.  It turned into such a blessing to have her help with busy body Parker Jane}. 
Therapy solo (sort of..) was a success!
Then home for some lunch and cuddle time with my sweeties.

Later that afternoon was the girls’ 4 month check up.  ‘Check-up’ meaning baby shots in baby legs.  Boo. 

I was really going by myslef this time..

The girls did great and only cried for a minute.  It is all in the look in their eyes that breaks my heart when they get those shots.  I hate that.  That everning- with some help of Tylenol, Jolie snoozed hard and my mini-me was super clingy.  She burst into tears anytime I put her down and refused to sleep- dadgum shots.  So we laid together on the couch until it was time for bath and bed.  Thankfully these girls slept hard through the night without a problem.  Take that baby shots!

Tuesday it was back to work for me, but got some wonderful news- I’m and Aunt!!

 My sweet sister-in-law welcomed Kendall Bree into this world at 5:08am on Tuesday morning. 
6 pounds 10 ounces of happy and healthy.  I couldn’t help but tear up everytime I thought about this new baby.  Remembering the amazing experience Jordan and I had just 4 short months ago brought up so many emotions.  To know that Jenna and Adam got to have that same experience of welcoming their little girl into this world on Tuesday morning makes me so happy for them.  I think I cried off and on all day.  
Happy tears:) 
We love this cutie already! Doesn’t Kendall look just like her daddy??
Tuesday evening I had some serious helpers in the kitchen.  They are SO facinated by my chopping and mixing in preparation for dinner. 
Wednesday I sure did miss these cuddle-bugs..
Jolie looking rather babydoll- like if you ask me.
 Finally the end of my work day and along with that came play time with momma and daddy!  My girls are so silly.  They help me forget that I’m away from them all day.  I have such a fun time when I get home.
And this girl.. well.. she’s decided that when she is done eating she lets me know it by grinding her gums. 
OUCH.  Don’t make that a habit, missy. 

Look at her. She looks rather pleased with herself, doesn’t she?

Smarty pants.  I have a feeling this is only the beginning. 

Thursday BB watched the girls while Jordan and I were at work.  Granny and Woogie came in town Wednesday night to see new baby Kendall and decided to spend most of the day with BB and my girls before heading back home to Belton. 

Bree sent me the sweetest picture of Parker and Granny.  Melts me the love Granny has for these babies, and my babies surely love their {great} Granny, too!

Today is Friday, and I am SO thankful for the weekend.  This week went by super quick and I’m not complaining!  Looking forward to dinner with sweet friends, meeting baby Kendall, and relaxing at home with my girls.

Make-up, clean hair, and real clothes are optional.

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April 12, 2013

  1. Katie says:

    congrats on being an aunt! she is SO cute and tiny!! i'd be nervous to take one baby to get shots by myself! good job! 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    those are some cute babies!

  3. misty says:

    just stumbled upon your blog & I love it! your writing style is so spot on w what I like to read & your babes are adorable!