P&J’s First Rangers Game

It was hot this weekend.  Like sweltering humidity at 8am kind of hot.  But, that didn’t stop us from our good time.  We’ve been talking about going to a Rangers game for months and finally {finally} we made plans for all of us adults to go.. plus 3 {7 month old} babies and a fetus. 

Fetus?  Oh ya.. didn’t you know?  Jacqueline’s preggo with a little baby girl due in December.  Parker and Jolie will have the bestest friend on the planet out of that little Tapella. Swoon!

Sunday afternoon our crew unloaded into a shady spot on the lawn infront of the stadium for some burgers, beer, and good company with my favorite people ever.

mah ladies.. {Diana, Jacqueline, Ashley, and myself) and our babies {Jacob, Parker, & Jolie}.  A little blurry, but still too cute.  Parker and Jolie had just risen from a two hour nap in the truck (with the AC blowing full blast, of course.) so they weren’t dressed for the game just yet.

 Our three littles.  THE cutest Ranger fans in the park.

team onesies // Target similar
hairbows // c/o Parker & Jolie’s BB

Miss Jolie {and her baby penguin hair} sportin’ the huge bruise on her head.  Thank goodness she’s cute.  I contemplated arranging her bow to cover it, but it just looked strange to me.. so we’ll make due.  It has gotten so much better in just a day’s time.   

Even though it was really hot out, the girls did great!  They love being outside and played happily the entire time we tailgated.  My little beauties make this momma proud.

burgers and baby entertainment

Walking into the game we were welcomed with full on heat of the sun and we really needed to cover the girls’ bald heads.  This girl had me and Auntie dying.  Apparently when you’ve had a bow on your head since day one of life you don’t mind other things being on your head either. Even if it’s Jarrett’s stinky/sweaty ball cap. 

Welcome to the ball park!  We had great seats.. in the shade.  When purchasing the tickets, Jordan made sure to find seats on the shaded side of the stadium.  As HOTT as it was, I couldn’t imagine sitting IN the sun. Blech. I was thankful for our seats:)

The boys sat in the four seats in front of us, while the girls sat in the four behind. My precious Jolie and her perfect Daddy are so sweet together.

Last week BB picked up a couple of the coolest teether toys and I’ve made great use out of them already. The Fisher Price EZ Clean Teether is kind of like the mesh teether, but this one is soft plastic.  I filled it with little chunks of ice and the girls went to town.  These are from Target, but I can’t find them on their website. 

To my left..

serious obsession.

..and to my right..  Look at those lashes. Sweet baby!

..and in front of me.  She was out.

 ..for about 30 minutes.  Clearly she is totally smitten by her daddy.

7th inning stretch

Jarrett and Jordan having too much fun dancing with these two.  Ahhh- I love this!

 Jacqueline, Me, and Ashley.  Love these girls

After 8 innings and serious Ranger cheering, dancing, and crowd waving, Parker finally gave in.  She was wiped out by the end.

I think she knew that the game wasn’t going so hot for the Rangers and didn’t want to watch them lose.  Boo for losing on their part, but it was still so much fun.  It was a bab(ies) first- but for sure not their last! 


July 22, 2013

  1. Ashley D says:

    What I learned from this post – I need to make a hair appointment this week. Call has already been made to my momma 🙂

    Had so much fun! We need to pick another game soon! Have a fab week lovey!

  2. Bethany says:

    I absolutely love all 3 babies' outfits! I had to show my husband as he is a serious Rangers fan.

    Also wanted to comment, I'm getting my blog revamped by the kinch life after reading your blog for quite some time and being so impressed!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Babies are way too cute! Would you mind sharing what makeup you used that held up so well in that heat?! I'm from Chicago and the humidity makes my makeup just melt right off. Love your blog!
    Keep doing wiww helps us gals that have no clue how to mix it up in the wardrobe Dept.

  4. Sarah Tucker says:

    (Reading on Bloglovin' has really limited my comment ability!) How presh are the girls! They look adorable 🙂

  5. Alisha says:

    Such cuties!! Adorable blog… I am now a new follower! 🙂