Postpartum: 5 Things They Don’t Tell You

I’m 7 ½ months into this new life as a mom and totally loving every minute of it.  These girls are my whole world.  In these last few months since becoming a mother, I’ve become a wise woman (not) and learned many a-things along the way.   During pregnancy I read all about what’s happening to my changing body and growing belly-  how the bab(ies) are growing, what new developments they have this week, and all that jazz. I also read up on birth and all the different types of methods there are- normal births, c-sections.. and then, if you are like me, you end up on bed rest with about a million hours of daylight to kill, and scouring Pinterest and blogs finding that anything remotely related to pregnancy and motherhood seems interesting enough to read.   Yet, for some reason, no one ever prepared me for what happened to my body afterwards. Maybe because it isn’t pretty and probably nothing that one would want to talk/blog/exploit here on the world wide web.  Ok, so not that terrible, but definitely surprised me.
Your hair might fall out. I know. Don’t you feel pretty now? Here I was all excited and swooning over my luscious locks while pregnant- I could wash it once a week (I know) blow dry and curl it, and it looked amazing, even after sleeping on it (I know).  Perhaps it looked so good the next morning because I didn’t actually sleep on the regular (pregnancy insomnia got the best of me).  But, when Dr. Walsh gave me 20 minutes to shower and clean up, I obliged.  So, it was all too good to be true to be able to ‘fluff’ and go when I needed to.   Well, sorry Cinderella but the party is over and the hair fairy wants her glass slippers back. Lame.  This is one of those wonderful hormone side effects that can come with giving birth.  Around 5 months postpartum I started losing my hair. This is normal, as any doctor will assure you, but it sure is a lot. In the shower, my hair seems to fall out in chunks, and then after blow drying, I literally have to sweep my bathroom floor and counter top to remove the layer of hair left behind.  Even still, at 7 ½ month postpartum, I’m losing my hair.  Much less of it, but I still notice it on a daily basis. To be honest, I have had three people in the last week ask if I’ve cut my hair.  February was the last time I had it cut.  Apparently this hair loss business can happen for up to a year. Yikes!
You might be hot. No, not good hot. Gross and sweaty hot. Thank you, hormones. Once again they may be to blame for giving me these hot flashes and causing me to wake up more than once a night in a sweat (like drenched-change-my-clothes sweaty).  Nothing says sexy like a woman who’s losing her hair and walking around like she just ran a 5K..because I only can attest truth for one of those things, and it’s not the running one.  I was once very cold-natured, carrying a sweater everywhere with me, and now I practically die of heat at least once a day.  Typically I break a sweat after pumping while at work.  I know- so awesome.      
You might go blind {as a bat}.  There is good reason for why they don’t recommend getting your eyes checked while pregnant.   Changes in hormones (always the culprit!), metabolism, fluid retention, and blood circulation can all affect your eyes and your eyesight during pregnancy.  Usually these are small changes, but it could affect how well your glasses or contacts correct your vision.  Most women experience minor if any noticeable change. But, no.. not me.  I cannot see the television guide while sitting 5 feet from the screen.  I can’t read street signs.  I can hardly drive at night with confidence.  I have completely given up on reading a digital clock that is outside a 1 ½ foot radius. Completely ridiculous.  In most cases, these changes are temporary and will reverse themselves within several months of delivery.  Here I am 7 ½ months out and still waiting for my vision to return from vacation.  I think I need to make an appointment. 
You might starve.  Or die of thirst.. whichever one comes first.  I thought this would gradually come to a halt as the months went by, but oh no.. still got it.   I am exclusively breast feeding my girls (in addition to cereal, fruits, and veggies) and pretty much graze all day long.  I feel like I’m dying of hunger at least twice a day.  I am starved especially just after nursing (or pumping if I’m at work).  The hubby always makes sure to have a snack and beverage ready for me when I get home because I’m usually walking in the door to feed the girls.  Good news is that all these calories are actually being used when breast feeding to keep energy levels up as well as to keep my milk supply at its peak. You need an extra 400-500 calories for a singleton, and 800-1,000 calories when nursing twins.  I can tell in my supply if I haven’t had enough fluids or healthy fats in my diet.  I usually drink plenty of water throughout my day, not to mention the little extra I get from fruits and veggies.
You might be forced into time management.  I’ve learned that with twins (and I’m sure with a singleton baby, too!) I am the last person on the list to get ‘ready’ and out the door.  These girls have got to eat, get a clean diaper, dressed, and loaded up.  Getting into the car takes at least 10 minutes.  I’ve learned to do my once 2-hour routine (don’t judge me) in all of about 25-30 minutes.  Hair, make-up, and fully clothed.  I have been known to forget my shoes and last minutes run inside to grab them.. but I always have my earrings on!  My new shortened routine has been especially helpful in the mornings before work when sleep seems so much more important than wearing makeup.. but then I realized I speak and counsel people for a living and probably should look presentable.  Hence the make-up routine in less than 12 minutes, and most often my hair is dirty.  What matters is that I’m able to get somewhere on time (for the most part) and typically being/seeming put together myself and toting happy-fully-bellied babies. 
So there you have it.  5 things I currently deal with and have come to accept in this new role as momma.  Even though it’s been almost 8 months, I’m still humbled on a daily basis the many blessings that have been placed upon me.  So.. even if my hair is falling out.. or my grocery budget is through the roof, or my newly sweaty-nature produces even more laundry to do, I don’t really care/mind. 
Being a mom to these two is totally worth it.  I mean.. seriously.

Can I get an AMEN.


July 25, 2013

  1. Alisha says:

    Oh my goodness!! EVERYTHING on here is so true… and NOBODY talks about it! My son is almost the same age as your twins (he was born 12/1) and I am amazed how my body STILL isn't "normal" – I totally get you on the getting ready, my old routine was about two hours, amazing how that changes hu? 🙂 Love your blog, so cute!!

  2. Alyson Adair says:

    AMEN! I've always had thick hair (never got luxurious during pregnancy) and M&M are almost 6 months and my hair is STILL falling out like mad :-/

  3. LOVESTRONG says:

    Haha Love this! I'm glad it's not just me. Thank you!

  4. Jenn says:

    I'm 14 months postpartum and still experiencing all of these, except vision issues, that one never got me. We are still nursing and I feel like all of these inconveniences will keep on until we finish. Oh, Joy!

    Our Little Miracles