{Twinstagram} Playdate

This past Saturday marked the first ever TWINstagram Playdate. (ok.. not a clue if this is true or not.. But of our little group, anyway!) 
After following one another via social media and watching our little twinsies grow, we realized how close we all lived and decided it would be fun to get some of the local DFW twins together. At first I thought it would be a rather large group.. But as the date approached I realized it was just going to be three sets of us. 
Life with twins can be crazy hectic so I understand how easily plans can change (I nearly threw in the towel that morning after a serious Jolie meltdown. And then a second .. and a third. That child was testing me.) 
Lunch at Central Market was fabulous! I had the Ham & Pear Panini with Sweet Potato Fries in case anyone wanted to know.. I had never eaten at the cafe and I’m sad we’ve been missing out! We are in the area a lot, and CM will for sure be added to our list of lunch spots to frequent. 
I pretty much adore these ladies and their precious families. I am so excited to have finally met them face to face! Putting a face/voice to an email/blog/instagram photo is helpful in my visual-learner kinda mind:) 
The Massey’s, The Mione’sThe Haynes’

All 6 kiddos did amazing through lunch. Probably quiet impressive to anyone sitting around us. 2 hours and zero meltdowns.

We call that winning, folks:)
Attempting to get a picture of just the babes.. Finagling children like ordering ducks in a row.

And then proceed to hop around like a crazy person in attempts to get their attention and maybe even possibly get a smile.

Parker and Jolie were very confused of all these adults. Parker and her judgey eyes.. ‘You people..’ 

Amazing enough they sat like this for a good five minutes. Not a single one of these six mobile babies made a move to escape. 

Jolie & Parker (12/06/12), Harper & Keegan (10/18/12), Sloane & Jude (10/30/12)

Before heading out, Meredith and I decided to grab a refill for the road.. And turned around to our two gentlemen with their hands quite full.. 

Straw chewing and bow yanking.. Sloane and Jolie are two busy bodied peas in a pod.

So much fun getting to know some fellow twin families on that Saturday afternoon. It was nice to get a little deeper with these ladies (and their hubbies) than a photo comment on IG:) 
Can’t wait for the next one!


July 31, 2013

  1. Beth says:

    cute idea! ps.. where are your pants from? love them!!!

  2. Alisha says:

    That is just the cutest thing! You guys are adorable!

  3. Lara says:

    Such cute families!!

  4. Well isn't that just precious!!

  5. Jenn says:

    So cute! It's great that you all live so close and can do little twin outings.

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