{Baby Free} Vacay

Its been about three years since Jordan and I went on a real trip some where.. (i.e. the beach) and almost  4 years since we have done anything just the two of us.  We usually try and plan a fun trip once a year, but these last couple have been short weekend trips here and there.  When we found out I was pregnant last year we for sure wanted to plan a ‘babymoon’ for just the two of us..but oh, by the way, you are having twins.  And with that goes bed rest at 24 weeks.  
Throw in buying a house and moving just two weeks before I was scheduled to stop working.. yea, we never got around to that trip.    
So- this year we jumped to the opportunity to take a vacation just the two of us- 6 whole days of sleeping in (until 7:30am!), lounging, and relaxing at our leisure.  
We left on a Tuesday morning after dropping these little bits off with their BB and Poppa.   
It takes A LOT to travel with twins.  And being able to think of every last thing they could possibly  need while we were gone?   Definitely a proud momma moment.
Emotionally, I was fine all morning- even getting a little excited about heading down to Mexico and having a cold margarita!  Pulling away from Jordan’s parent’s house with Parker and Jolie waving from the porch, I still didn’t get choked up.  
It was taking this picture just before take-off and sending it to Jordan’s mom to show the girls and wish them well that set me off.  We were really leaving them.  This was my first time to ever be away for longer than a few hours.. and never had I ever been without them overnight.  I was a sobbing mess through take off, and somehow I pulled it together to enjoy the rest of the flight.    
We landed on Tuesday afternoon around lunchtime with plenty of time to throw on our suits and hit the beach (..and who are we kidding.. the bar!  Hellooooo all-inclusive!)
Everything was beautiful!  We stayed at the RIU Palace Riviera Maya and it was perfection.  Three years ago we stayed at the RIU Mexico just up the road and had a blast, and since we knew the resort well from the past, we opted to go with the RIU once again.
The weather was a warm 80-90 degrees the entire time we were there.  It stormed a little in the morning on our second day- and we took advantage of the short lived cloudy skies and enjoyed a  90 minutes massage.  Yes, folks.  nine – zero.  It was amazing and warranted a few unintentional snores out of both Jordan and me.
We basically did this the entire time- nothing.  We made reservations at a few of the restaurants but ended up deciding that we didn’t want to mess with the sit down dinners every night- so we ate at the buffet style restaurant, which was delicious!  
I could totally get used to this.  
When you go on vacation with just the two of you, you end up taking a lot of selfies.  
When you opt to ask someone for help, and that someone doesn’t speak very good English, and clearly does not have an smart phone, they video you for all 6 pictures you make them take.. 
O-well. Shameless selfies it is!  

My favorite.  We were having so much fun!

On the last night while getting ready for dinner, I got really homesick.  I really missed my girls.  I really missed my bed.  I really missed my hair holding curl for longer than 7 minutes.  I really missed peanut butter (yea, they had no peanut butter!).. and I really missed potable water.

As much fun as we were both having together, we were ready to be home.  Being at the beach made me excited to take Parker and Jolie to the beach next summer.  Probably not to Mexico (although there were a TON of families at the resort) but somewhere in the states.  Any suggestions?

Checking out and heading to the airport!  I was elated to see my baby girls.. and eat some peanut butter toast.  

While we were gone, the littles had a vacation adventure of their own:) Stay tuned to see what they were up to while Momma and Daddy were away!

September 23, 2013

  1. Ali G says:

    So nice to get away & relax! I have a 2 year old & can completely understand, its good for parents & babies:)
    We LOVE LOVE LOVE Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Its family oriented and just a beautiful place all around. We always rent bikes and ride around the island. You can rent bikes with baby seats. Its a wonderful trip, we cannot wait to get back there soon!

  2. We have actually been looking at the Riviera Maya for an all inclusive vaca next year!! Do you love it? It looks amazing. So glad you guys had an awesome time..you deserve it. 🙂 And I can't wait to see what adventure those two sweet sissys had of their own.

  3. I'm so glad to hear you all had such a great time! I haven't left Georgia Grace overnight yet but you have affirmed to me that I can do it 🙂
    Our favorite family-friendly beach is Destin, Florida. It is heavenly! Have a great week, Amber!

  4. farmwife03 says:

    Looks like a blast!! One of these days I WILL get my farming, home obsessed hubby on a trip such as this. We had actually thought about going someplace like this for our 10 year wedding anniversary this November but I will be 7 1/2 months pregnant and that didn't sound like fun if I couldn't partake in the all-inclusive drinks 😉 We LOVE Destin, Florida. We took our 3 year old daughter there last year, rented a condo right on the beach for a week and she LOVED it; will definitely be going back there.

  5. We love to vacation with our girls in the Destin/Fort Walton Beach Florida area! The water is a gorgeous turquoise color and the sand is sugary soft. The area is very family oriented, perfect for your little cutie pies beach trip!

  6. Christina T. says:

    Siesta Key, FL. You can get a condo right on the beach. White, beautiful, soft sand and warm water since it's in the gulf.