P&J’s First Birth DAY

We had big plans for Parker and Jolie’s number one this last week. Mother Nature decided otherwise.  Thursday night the worst wintery mix Dallas has seen in many years blew in and blanketed the city and every suburb around it with inches of ice.  
We woke up on Friday  morning to the most beautiful winter white scene.. too bad it wasn’t the powdery snow it looks like. It was definitely hard ice.    

We made the executive decision to reschedule the girls’ party to next weekend due to the treacherous road conditions and the fact that no one would be leaving their house for the next several days.  I was so bummed.. but it worked out to be for the best.

Currently we’ve been ‘iced in’ since Thursday last week.  My house has been Winter ONEderized for a week {literally}, so whats another week?  I am beginning to wish I didn’t have to take it all down!

So- cozy day with daddy by the fire is what was on the agenda.  Totally good for us three ladies.

Parker and Jolie were very interested in the new bright white backyard we had, so we took them outside for their first ‘sledding’ experience.

Our make-shift beer box sled.  They loved it!  It was technically 20 degrees outside.. but there was zero breeze, so it was tolerable for the three minutes we spent in the ‘snow’.

Parker LOVED being outside- cried when we brought her in!  Jolie had a blast in the box, but outside of that didn’t have much interest.

BB and Poppa braved the ice to come celebrate with Parker and Jolie over a birthday lunch {thank you BB: Chicken Salad Croissants, Chips, Dip, and COOKIES!}

We decided to open a few gifts from family and friends.

Sarah and Chris got the girls the most fun bath toy!

 ..and a Princess Mirror- both girls kept kissing the ‘baby’ they saw in their reflection.

Next it was time for Auntie and Uncle J‘s prezzie.  It took them three presents before they figured out the paper tearing.

 Jolie’s getting into it!

Bitty Babies!  TWIN Bitty Babies {swoon} I had all the American Girl books growing up {Kristin and Samantha were my fav}, but never got a doll to match.  

Ashley was worried that these dolls were a little premature for the girls- but Parker has officially been carrying her baby around all weekend long.  She maybe carrying it around by her hair.. but at least there is interest!

If there is one thing this baby loves- its books!  We got several books and we’ve read them about 67492345 times this weekend while ‘iced’ in.

Bath toy winning!  This star toy was a huge hit!

We even had so much birthday love from all our friends via email, phone calls, and instagram {@masseya}!

Cousin Kendall sent her love!  Sweet girl was diagnosed with strep on Thursday and wasn’t going to be able to come to the party.. but since we moved it she’ll get to celebrate with us now!  Yay!

..and our IG boyfrannns Max and Eli.  They sent us birthday kisses! How sweet are they?  I hope P&J don’t mind the arranged marriage we have planned for these four kiddos.

Even though things didn’t go as planned for the girls’ birthday, it actually turned out to be the perfect day spent at home.  We loved having BB and Poppa over between naps..and seeing these girls light up while we were outside for {officially} their second snow.  {See their first, here}.

If it were up to me.. and not Mother Nature.. I’d make this kinda birthday a tradition:)


December 9, 2013

  1. Sarah Tucker says:

    Yay for a snug and successful birthday weekend for the girl! I am thinking of stocking up on that mirror and starfish for when I have babes! I am still stuck inside today…munching on leftover pizza and coffee. Happy Monday!

  2. Anne Blake says:

    This looks like such a fun, cozy birthday! I'm so excited to see what you have in store for the party next weekend! Do you have any idea where that awesome light up bath toy is from? I would love to put it in my baby girl's stocking for Christmas!

  3. Anne Blake says:

    Looks like such a fun and cozy birthday for those precious girls! I can't wait to see what you have planned for their ONEderland!

    Do you have any Idea where that bath toy is from? I would love to be able to put it in my baby girl's stocking for Christmas!


  4. That video was my absolute favy! And how cute are those big girlys in their first birthday outfits? What a fun way to celebrate 🙂

  5. amber says:

    Anne- it's from Walmart! Under $10:)

  6. Emily Kauten says:

    Love the girls' sweet boots! Do you know where they are from?

  7. Sausha says:

    Happy birthday Parker and Jolie! You girls are seriously the cutest! 😀