Austin Road Trip

It has been quiet the week, I must say. I feel like everything we have done in this short window of time has consumed an entire month of my life.  But alas.. its Thursday.  And we are still in February. 
Monday morning we loaded up the girls (after an entire night of being throw-up free!) and headed down to Austin.  I was so thankful that Jolie’s little tummy bug was minor and didn’t last more than Sunday afternoon.
We timed the trip right to surround nap time.. and made sure to put the sound machine in the cab with us.  Proved to be a very ‘relaxing’ trip- listened to the ‘ocean’ for 2 hours straight.  Put me to sleep, too! 
We made it to Austin just in time for me to head out to my seminars while Jordan and the girls got settled in the hotel room.  I was thankful that Jordan and the girls could make the mini trip with me.  Made for more eventful evenings rather than turning in for the night at 4pm when my sessions ended. 
Dinner the first night was low key and super easy.  Parker was way more interested in eating the pizza  in whole slices rather than in cut up chunks.. so Dad had to help. 

Tuesday we got done early with workshop, so we headed out to the mall to let the girls run off some steam.  It was rainy out, and so we were hoping for a play area, but we were in no such luck.  Since it was the middle of the day on a Tuesday the mall wasn’t very busy, so we played in one of the large open areas, causing a scene for the customers that were shopping.. or attempting to enjoy their coffee. 

Goal of the afternoon: Keeping babies off/away/out of the escalators.  They found every way to get over to them. 
headwrap /  two little bees boutique // top: dress by osh’kosh for target

The girls have found a new love for being on Dad’s shoulders.  It is nothing but laughs and giggles from way up high.

People watching break. 

Smiling for the camera.  When did she get so big? I can hardly help myself with that sweet little grin.

Traveling with the girls took packing to a whole new level.  We have been on road trips before, but never to a place where we were responsible to bring everything.  The amount of food, snacks, toys, pack and plays, clothes required by these two tiny humans is unreal. 
Thankful for these highchairs that break down into boosters.  The days of feeding them on the floor are over.  WAY to busy for that.  We have to contain them in some fashion to get them to eat well. Requesting a microwave was another biggie.  We were able to bring a lot of normalcy to traveling with them through their meal and snack times.
headwrap / @shelbychicboutique (on Instagram only) // necklace / Josie James Boutique // top / Carter’s

Last stop before heading out for home (our mini trip was super eventful..)

The State Capitol of..

We might have been a little disruptive.

I loooovve Texas. – Parker Jane

My favorite part of the entire Capitol was the second floor.  The many flags of Texas hung proudly in that hall.  This one was my favorite.  Bullet holes and all.

The drive home was planned around nap time.. which was awesome because it was nearly two o’clock when they woke.  
Awake and haaangry and in the middle of nowhere.  Which means we had the option of..
this place.  NOT McDonald’s. 
We are not eating French fries..

..or Mc’nuggets.  (please keep the judgey comments to a minimum.)

Short and sweet with a whole lotta nothing in between.  I was super busy with my conference, but I was really happy that my favorite people were waiting for me when I returned to my hotel room. 

Girls’ first official hotel stay was a success!  Kudos to momma and dad, too:)


February 27, 2014

  1. Melissa Fox says:

    Such a fun trip! I am nervous about taking the girls on our Louisiana trip to Baton Rouge…. 7 hours in a car, OH my! But, you guys survived! We can, too!! Good job, Momma!!

  2. Recently found your blog! These girlies are so sweet! Congrats on the road trip!

  3. Annalee says:

    It always looks like your family is having a blast! The little are getting so big and the pictures are so precious!