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I LOVE Valentine’s Day.  Like.. almost as much as I love Christmas.  I said almost, people. 
Now.. a Valentine’s Day inspired style shoot?  That knocks my socks right off.  Yes please!  These types of shoots are all the rage these days and I was pleased to be welcomed to be apart of a special collaboration with the talented Michelle Standerfer Photography, Event Stylist and Planner Ashley Dunaway, and Jordan Dunaway of Charmed Vintage Rentals.  The Sprinkled with Love Style Shoot was in full planning mode.
What do you have for the girls in anything pink.  
Sadly I am sort-a-kinda anti pink.  Don’t get me wrong- I love pink- love to wear it myself!  But I have found that I pick up everything else besides that color when I’m shopping for the girls.  I guess because everything is always that ‘baby pink’.. and I confess to not be the biggest fan ever. 
Thankful for their skinny little booties- I dug out these precious bloomers that I ordered off Etsy while laid up on bed rest with a belly the size of a watermelon.. and I had 4 months to go until Parker and Jolie were ready to come off the vine.
Do you recognize these bloomers from this photoshoot?  Throwin’ it back.
Styled perfection.  How they come up with this stuff is beyond any creativity cell in my brain.

It took my entire being to hold back from taking a bite of one (or all..) of those cuppycakes and washing it down with red drink through a twisty straw.
Puppy made an appearance.. duh.

hairbow c/o Shelby Chic Boutique {instagram shop: @shelbychicboutique}

as good as they look.  #truth

shoveling Cheerios

Not really into it.

Well, hello lollipop!  There is a first time for everything, I suppose.

After this amazing and super fun shoot I was dead set on finding the perfect Valentine’s Day card to send out to family and close friends. 
I have recently spent entirely too much time on Shutterfly working on Parker and Jolie’s ‘Year ONE’ books {post to come on those details) and came across a part of their family brands called Tiny Prints.  After I got a ‘Happy New Year’ card in the mail (that was amazing, btw) from Jordan’s Aunt which she had ordered from Tiny Prints I thought- surely its worth checking out.
Worth checking out?  TOTALLY.  On top of the gazillion super precious pictures that Michelle shared with me, Tiny Prints has bunches of adorable Valentine’s Day Card options to choose from. 
I could hardly make up my mind.  
A few of my favorites..

I loved the multi-picture options to include some of the styled photos.

The ultimate decision was made when I came across this simple, festive, and full of pink card:

Happy Love Day, friends! 
Interested in placing an order for Valentine’s Day cards of your own?  Check out the Tiny Prints Promo Page for special offers. 
Special thank you to:
Ashley Dunaway


February 5, 2014

  1. They are seriously the sweetest!! These are amazing! They will love to look back on these when they are older. So special!

  2. These are so cute!!!!!!

  3. Sarah Tucker says:

    I. LOVE. THEM!!!!

  4. They are just the cutest!!

  5. Darcy Potter says:

    When I saw the picture you posted on IG I about fell out of my chair by all their cuteness!!!! Gosh I want to squeeze those two growing baby girls <3 Hugs and luvs and Happy soon to be Valentine's day to Miss Parker and Jolie 🙂

  6. Ashley D says:

    Love Love Love!! So fun… we need to plan the next 🙂

  7. Meredith says:

    I got my card last night and audibly "Awww'ed." They are too cute and the pictures/setup are amazing! I would've had a hard time picking just one as well!!

  8. The photo set-up is amazing. They are the sweetest little bakers ever!

  9. This is THE cutest Valentine's Day shoot!!! I can't get enough of their cuteness..for realz. <3

  10. Lauryn says:

    I seriously don't think it gets any cuter than this! By far my fav Valentine shoot so far :)))