Just 10 minutes..

3 out of 4 little ears are infected.  
AND we also found out that Parker has some pretty nasty allergies.  Hence the result of her double ear infection.
Whats worse?  We didn’t even have a clue that either of them had an infection until Dr. B leaned in and after a quick glance at there ears announced they had an infection(s). 
Mark this one in the books as a baby{ies} first.  Right under the puke and puke on momma.  
Check.. double check.. triple check.
loafer booties / babyGap (sold out) similar
This was at the end of our week, going into a beautiful weekend, and we were stuck inside.  
For about 10 minutes on Sunday we got the fresh air that we needed, accompanying dad while he worked outside in the yard.  
It ended up being just what we needed for a little relief from the cabin fever all 3 of us were having while we watched from the window as the sun gleamed around their dad {punk}. 
turban / shelbychicboutique (instagram shop) 

I’m tired.  Saturday and Sunday were tough.  Parker is really not feeling up to par at all.  Well, up until we went out side for a bit. They LOVE being outside.  More than anything.  When we ask if they are ready to out they start the rather frantic search for their jackets, shoes, and headband (not joking). So, I knew this could be a mini remedy for the cure of random meltdowns we had off and on all weekend.  Monday and today has been much better, but the nights have been pretty restless.  I wake up to see Parker on the monitor holding her wubby over her ears and crying for mom.

Ready for these ear issues to pass and for my littles to be in good spirits again. {and for them to sleep through the night.  And by them, I mean Parker.  And by littles I mean Parker.}

Maybe we will sleep outside. {I’m absolutely, probably, but not really..maybe.. kidding}


March 11, 2014

  1. Awww sweet babes…hope they are feeling better this week and get to enjoy the sunshine more.

  2. Becky says:

    Bless those precious ears. Hope they are better –

  3. Laynah says:

    Poor baby girls! Hope they get better soon. Don't beat yourself up about it, there's nothing you could have done to prevent that!