Easter Fun {2014}

It was another weekend of first’s for the Massey’s!  We have officially entered into the ‘fun parents of toddlers’ stage.  See also ‘attempt to commit to everything under the sun’
We started our weekend with our very first Easter Egg Hunt.. except my brain thought for sure that the hunt started at 11am.  But, no.  10am was the start time- and much to my surprise when we walked in the door at 11:08am to find kiddos bouncing off the walls hyped on half eaten bags of candy.  
Oops.  My brain is not here, clearly.
Thankfully I have super sweet friends and they re-filled some of the left over eggs for my little birds to “hunt”.  
So, here we are.. hunting.
 After showing Parker and Jolie once over the concept, they picked it up super quick.  Totally impressed momma over here.
How sweet is this picture?  My heart is so full!
sandals / old navy

Sunday morning we woke extra early to get ourselves ready for our first Easter Sunday service as a family.  Last year we went out of town with 4 month old baby girls to visit family and so we did not actually go to church.  I was so excited to go this year- no only for the obvious reason of celebration, but of course to see all the colorful outfits in the crowds of people attending service.

But first.. Easter baskets.  

Books (with fuzzy animals). bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles.. big colorful bracelets, Frozen, Finding Nemo.. and a couple of quacking ducklings (that have proven to almost be a $5 mistake.) 

After church we headed over to the Massey’s for brunch and family time.  Parker and Jolie love their Papa’s dog, Maggie.

Cousin Kendall loves that doggie, too!

Parker was in a particularly sour mood.. teething is in full swing for the past week.  Notice the puckered lips.. she sucks on her lips to help soothe sore gums. Other than a few melt downs, she did well overall with all the stimulus of the holiday.

 ..again with the lips.

 In all sweetness there ever was.. this is at the top.

 No..wait.  This is at the top.  A momma and her girls.

dresses / gymboree // shoes / genuine kids @ target // custom hair bow // jameson monroe
This Jolie Grace girl has my heart.
 Bubbles!  All is right in the world with these two when we pull the bubbles out.  {make note of sweet Parker and her sore gums.}

 We’re learning to smile for the camera these days.. that or the fact she can see herself on the screen.. I’m claiming the smile on cue bit.
 Attempt number one at an Easter family picture.  Parker is loving life.
 Attempt number two.  My little family was dead tired by this last photo of the afternoon.   And the fact that Jolie’s bow is literally on top of her head.  I needed a nap myself.
maxi skirt / loft {2 seasons ago} similar // top / target {3 seasons ago} similar 

Our Easter celebration weekend was full! Much to remember about our Lord and Savior’s resurrection.  I cannot express enough that our hearts are full.

And so are our bellies.  I probably ate Jolie’s own weight in honey baked ham and Hawaiian rolls. and loaded potato casserole.  and bacon wrapped green beans.

..and banana pudding.


..pudding for breakfast! #mondaymorningfuel


April 21, 2014

  1. Sarah Tucker says:

    Love those little bunnies 🙂

  2. Hi Amber! Love all the pictures. We tried forever to get a family of 4 pictures yesterday too and it was rough! LOL Why can't it be easy anymore? 😉

    My daughter is slightly older than your two and it's so nice to read about you experiencing similar things. 🙂


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  3. Sausha says:

    Cute!! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  4. What a fun day for you all…they all looked so precious 🙂