In Bloom

Bluebonnets.  The most commonly seen flower along roadsides and in uncultivated pastures throughout the state of Texas.. and where did we find this “field” of dainty little plants?
On the side of the road. Naturally.
March through May these blue beauties overtake the green and offer up prime photography opportunity for families. Particularly families with young children.  It’s like visiting Santa in these parts.  You do it.  Your Texas baby (or babies) won’t be Texan without the bluebonnets.
..and I’m totally serious.  
Our first bluebonnets experience could probably classify as a total fail. 
Jolie.  She hated it. Every minute.  
If she could talk she probably would be screaming the same baby profanities as she was in this picture.   
 Parker didn’t seem to mind.  She popped a squat right there on top of those flowers.  
 You aren’t supposed to actually pick the flowers.  Parker didn’t listen. 
She didn’t eat them, though.
Win in my book.
 A successful picture of the two of them looking at the camera.  
Boo Bear was loving the bluebonnets.  She has a thing for those flower weeds in the backyard.  With a never-ending stock of flower heads to pull, the poor girl didn’t have enough ‘hand space’ to carry her bunches.

Oh, how I dream of those tiny flowers she will pick one day, bringing them to me to put in a water glass vase and proudly present them on the counter top for all to see. 
When your child has learned how to play ‘peek-a-boo’ you can no longer use that game to attempt to make her laugh or look in the general direction of the camera.

 But it still works for at least one of them..

 hairbow / jameson monroe // bubble necklace / Josie James Boutique // tank / old navy // shorts / old navy
 We are channeling our inner Kendi Everyday with this outfit.  
These girls share her love for Prints & Stripes.
 Don’t eat it. 

 ..and its over.  Story of my life.

 Time to remove ourself from the roadside.  Until next year, Texas Blues!


April 25, 2014

  1. Sarah Tucker says:

    Look at those little pattern mixing babes 😉

  2. CMB says:

    Love it! So sweet!

  3. OMG, I love your pictures! And their outfits are always so precious!

  4. Bitz says:

    You are correct about the bluebonnets pictures! I can't wait to get on the side of the road and gets some pictures of my little lady as well! Maybe next weekend will be a good time. Your pictures are wonderful as usual!