Adventures with Auntie & Uncle J

My kids LOVE these people.  I mean, love them.  Most of the time, they aren’t too keen on leaving mom and dad, and when mom and dad return, they are running at high baby speed to reach our arms and go straight home.

Unless it means they are going to Auntie & Uncle J’s house.  If you follow my blog on the regular, you very well know who Ashley and Jarrett are.  We’ve seen a lot together over the years through hard times, good times, travel, birthdays, Supper Club..

..and now babies.  TWO babies.  
I could never repay them for the countless hours of time and energy they have shown to us through this entire parenting thing and it started with bed rest.  I could go all sappy here, but sappy is my middle name, and I’ll probably start sobbing uncontrollably and this post will never get finished.  We love them, and we can leave it at that for now.
About once a month Ashley and I have an exchange in texts that go a little something like:
Ash: I need your children.  Pick a date.
Me: Right now.
Ash: Auntie and J sleepover soon!
Me: Bringing them over.
Ash: I’ll see you next weekend..
Me: Done.
So thankful for them, and the amazing effort they take in making it the best day/night of Parker and Jolie’s little life. I always always ALWAYS harass Ashley to take pictures, and this time she blew me away with the play by play in these pictures I’m about to share.  
Over the weekend was the annual fire family pool party and BBQ, and while we would love to share all the Parker and Jolie sweetness with everyone there, we have opted to leave them at home these last couple years.  Too many people and a swimming pool doesn’t do easy for this momma’s soul.
While the hubs and I were having a blast in the sun with friends, my children were outdoing me 10 fold.
headband / sweet t // hanky swim top / target
A Day in the Life with Auntie & J

Snacks are essential for pre-game activities.
First stop was the pool!  

 Jarrett was dying over the piggies, so Ashley took it upon herself to share the piggie love with Parker. Jo’s Fraggle Rock inspired hair is precious, but Parker’s teeny baby curls in those pigtails takes it to an all time high of cuteness.

As if hours of swimming wasn’t enough.. it was park time!

 moccasins / freshly picked
 DYING over that tiny top-knot
dress / babyGap (similar)

 glitter bow / bub and bugs studio
Well.. there is this way to manage toddler twins..
 Quick stop at Chick fil A for dinner before home to give Uncle J a makeover, and of course play the puzzles before bed. 
Good night!!!  Parker is thrilled.. but it is most likely a case of the freak-outs because sister had wubby.. you know how that goes.
jammies / babyGap (similar)
It has become an Auntie and Uncle J tradition to walk for donuts the next morning for breakfast. Ashley snaps a picture nearly every time.. and yesterday I got this..
The picture on the left is the first time they ever had a sleepover with Ashley and Jarrett- they were 8 months old.  WHERE has the time gone? 
Before meeting Ashley for the exchange, Jordan and I stopped for a quick breakfast, just the two of us.

Babies were WIPED.  We unloaded and reloaded the car, and then proceeded to move my babies to the truck without them so much as stirring in the process.

What a perfect sleepover.  So thankful for them and the way they love my sweet girls.  
Thank you Auntie and Uncle J, yet again.  They girls always have a blast – and will definitely be doing so for the years to come.


July 14, 2014

  1. Ashley D says:

    You're not supposed to show the world I lock your children in cages ?

    Love those babes and y'all! Xoxo

  2. Bitz says:

    Looks like an amazing sleepover for those lovely little ladies and for you too!

  3. Katie says:

    how fun!! what great aunt and uncle! I'd spoil those cute babes too!!

  4. mrspacman says:

    You are so lucky to have friends who adore your kids so much! Love reading your blog. I think your dress and makeup style is very pretty and classy. I know you r a dietician but how do u seriously stay so thin?

  5. chantal says:

    so so cute! And WHERE did you get those super awesome leggings in the coffee photo??? I NEED!