It’s Always a Good Time for the Alphabet

We’ve got a couple of |BIG| favorites – but by far our favorite things to do lately it take a bath.  We loved baths before, but these days we totally digg ’em.  

We recently switched the girls regular bath from the hall guest bathroom to our bathroom with the bigger tub.  Mostly so that if there are guests visiting they don’t have to dodge Dora while scrubbing their hair.

{Side Note}: these girls don’t know Dora the Explorer from Adam.. we don’t watch Nick Jr. very often, but we got some bath toys as a gift, and they love her!  

Since the total upgrade from hall bath to master bath, its been a fight to the last drop down the drain after to plug is pulled to get them out.

Bigger tub, lots more space to play.. and the alphabet.  SERIOUSLY changed our bath time life.  

These foam letters stick to the side of the tub (just simply from being wet), and who knew it could be that much fun.  I personally think that this time  of development in their little brain is the perfect time to start with a (bath) toy like this.  The girls are starting to say much more words, repeat words that Jordan and I say, and comprehend requests and commands given.

For the last month or so we’ve been working on eyes, ears, nose, eyebrows, hair. They point all these things out without a problem and with every attempt to annunciate each facial feature.  We can pick out the animal by shapes and sounds while doing puzzles, as well as colors and size of stacking blocks.

So, with the alphabet, we have been working on shape recognition as well as memorization of the actual letter.

 We sing the ABC’s, too.  I do most of the singing.  And these two will be the only one’s that will ever hear my singing.

These Nuby Bath-Tub Foam letters {found at WalMart} also stick on other things besides the tub when wet.. Jolie and Parker think that it is absolutely hilarious when Daddy spells out words across their belly {or baby bootie}.

They stand their and let him stick the letters on, and then squeal with delight!
I think their Daddy has way too much fun with coming up with words.. he’s a firemen, folks.  
They never grow up.
Sweet smiles and fun before bedtime is always a win in my book.  Thanks to these our baths have gotten much more educational.. and they didn’t even know it! 


July 2, 2014

  1. The 3rd picture cracks me up! Parker has that "mischievous" look on her face! Priceless!!

  2. Lisa Odom says:

    My babies loved taking bathes. They sometimes took more than one bath a day because they loved it so much. I took advantage of it and used it as "my" time. I would sit on the floor beside them and read and look at magazines. They also loved taking showers.