The Hundred Event + Coming Down from a Church Camp High

I’m coming down slowly.  My high from this weekend, that is.. its lingering, and thank gawd because it is Monday.  Mondays after a weekend like I had are terrible.  The fact I had to get up and out of bed, let alone do my hair, wasn’t happening this morning.  You could say my hair is masked with baby powder to absorb some of that ‘dirty hair’ vibe.. but I don’t care.
  I was basically walking on what resembled and can only be described as ‘clouds’ for the near 72 hours spent in Dallas over my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday among some of the most amazing and influential bloggers in the www.  
What did you do?  
I have been following Grace an her blog since we both held our bellies in with stretchy pants (pregnancy) -her little Theo and my P&J are just about a month apart.. ish.  She’s since added yet another little Patton to the Camp.  Ya.  Look at those leggs.  Hooker.
 I ran across her post via the ‘gram about  “The Hundred Event,” but never thought twice about it, until I saw it on my feed again, but under another blogger I follow (that would be Lauren). 
AND thennnnn, Sarah (my sweeeetest Sarah Tucker) and I were gabbing in our jammies one night and she mentioned she was going.
Tell me about these secrets!  ..and please let me gooooo with!
A couple clicks later I was signed up and beside myself (think over-excited puppy tail wags excited.) with anticipation of the weekend ahead.
 It was absolutely everything I had hoped it to be.  The Warwick Melrose Hotel hosted the 100 bloggers for “The Hundred Event (get it?) during the weekend’s events.   The setting couldn’t have been more perfect.
What a terrible experience. (tehe..)
Registration was Friday afternoon, and the moment I entered I had one thought in my mind- I must meet Grace.  I must meet Lauren, Megan, and Bridget. ASAP.  In the most non-stalker-ish kind of way, of course.  Grace and I have emailed back and forth a time or two.. mutually watching via the internet our families grow over the last couple years, and finally, finally, finally we were going to meet.  
I was in blogger celebrity shell shock when I met all four of these ladies in one fell swoop.  And then we all basically became BFF’s.  Not really, but, it is a weird connection you come to make when you feel ingrained into the life of these people you read and check up on pretty much every day.  
No detail was forgotten.  Friday evening was the welcome dinner.. 
Meeting and mingling among other bloggers and entrepreneurs alike.  
thanks for the photo, Paige!
Dinner was in the ballroom and the night began with the keynote speaker for the evening- Kendi is one of my fashion favorites (ok, probably my first favorite) of Kendi Everyday. She’s a riot and I’m so thankful to have met her in person.  She complimented me on my dress after dinner.  I could have fallen down dead right there, but managed to maintain composure.
The food was delicious, but all the food was amazing.
Jordan and I kept in touch throughout the day’s events over my time away via pictures of my food and three letter words along the lines of ‘yum’ and ‘wow’.. oh, and the occasional “let’s move to Dallas” simply because of the food. 
{waiting on lunch with my people.. and with my mouth open. But my hair is on point, so..}
As artistic with my food as I can be, folks.
True story.
Saturday was a FULL day of learning.

The morning (after breakfast, of course) started with words of wisdom regarding time management and understanding and limiting distractions from Curt Steinhorst. It was such an eye opener to hear his advice and brought a real check of myself and my own ability to fit everything into my day. 

The remainder of Saturday was spent in ‘class’.  I was amped up and even more so after every session I sat through. Photography, Blogging, Social Media Outlets, Brand Perspectives of Bloggers, Photo and Prop Styling.  
I only thought I knew a lot about blogging.  But, I have pages and pages of notes to prove otherwise.

Dinner party that evening (and a quick wardrobe change) was hosted by the luxurious Peacock Alley in the Design District of Dallas. Designer bedding and home interior is their will-house, and wine and cake balls started the evening right.  I like your taste, PA.  
Dinner was served (yep, more food) courtesy of Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe food truck and Steel City Pops. Patty Melts and Buttermilk Pops.. I would have eaten 12 melts if I had the stomach capacity to do so. 
Can I talk just a hot minute about some of the ladies I had the pleasure of meeting this weekend?  We chatted it up on Friday evening and before the night was over we had plans to ‘see you manana’.  Joanna is local (yipeee!) and Taylor has given me one heck of a reason to make the trip to San Fran. 
Sunday’s Farewell Brunch was hosted the Aldredge House – another one of Dallas’ finest.  One thing is for sure,  Lauren, Megan, Bridget, and Grace had the most pristine spot selection (and connections) and totally did Dallas right. Even as a Dallas-ite.  I was over the moon with what my own city had to offer.
{brunch photos c/o j.noel photography}

{glitter letter garland: Little

I walked into the house with tears in my eyes – already overwhelmed by the generosity of the weekend, but this morning took the cake.  Birch and Brass Rentals hosted THE tea parties of all tea parties.  Vintage Chic was an understatement. Tasseled photo-booth banners by Fancy Face, glittered letters by Little Dovie, and confetti balloons by Meg-Made (so much support of the small businesses- LOVE) and the swag.  Like I never could have imagined. 

Just like Oprah, brunch started with the announcement by the top sponsor of The Hundred Event- -everyone was going home with a pair of Joules Wellies – straight from Britain! It was at this point that the tears started flowing.  

“Are you pregnant?”

“You’re so sweet..for.. crying”
Those other ladies at my table probably thought I was a basket-case.  
“Thats the girls with twins..”

I couldn’t help myself.. and then I couldn’t stop.  
I didn’t want all this to end.

{Menus : Minted  // Florals: Bloom2Bloom // Cakes: Cake Walk}
what I would give for another piece of cake..

Confetti balloons were popped, and out came a number.  That number was your number in line to choose anything you like from the amazing selection of items laid out in the grand room of the Aldredge House.

 {White Plum // Lily Jade // Laura Ashley // The Giving Keys // Design Darling // Sonnet James // Shop Strands // Pame Designs // Susan Posnick // Artifact Uprising  // Lulu & Georgia (the rug) // West Elm // Blowfish Shoes // Minnetonka  // Tech Armor (kindle fire) // Maison Miru  // GiGi NY // Heidi Klein  // Boden // Modern Celebrations (kimono robes) // Knotty Tots // Jennifer Anne Styles // Whole Parenting }

It was all amazing.   

Oh.. what did I choose, you ask?  Only the most fabulous of all.  I was number 8.  
You’ll be seeing this dress very soon.

As the weekend events wrapped up and the brunch was coming to an end, it was 100% my goal to get in the pictures with my people.  My favorite people of this weekend.
Sarah of course.  This weekend was THE best weekend and I couldn’t have asked a better blogger friend to spend it with.

Here I am.  The end of my post.  REALLY, now the weekend is over.  I’m feeling depressed. The kind of depressed you get when you come home after a week of church camp.  
Feel me?
How about after your wedding?  ..and honeymoon.  
All you’ve looked forward to has come and gone.
There you go.  
One last look of the swag.  Joules.  You rock my socks.

If you ever get the chance to make it out to a bloggers conference, do it! Hands down, you won’t regret it.  The connections, contacts, and new friends I’ve made in this short time will stick for years to come.  
Oh.  And the food.  I’ll take a doggy bag of the weekend to go, please.
I’m already ready for next year.
 Lauren, Megan, Bridget, and Grace – move to Dallas.
Be my neighbor.  
Thanks girls for one heck of a weekend.


August 11, 2014

  1. Katy Byrne says:

    Such a great recap! I could not agree more with the church camp high. I don't think I got a chance to introduce myself (lame), but I'm Katy. I thought all your outfits were increasingly adorable when I saw you. Have a great Monday!


  2. janetrcave says:

    Aww, I almost cried as well towards the end, but jumped ship when I felt the sadness come on. 🙂 This weekend was absolutely amazing and I felt the same about Dallas. I didn't know so many cute, hot spots were so close. I need to venture out more. It was so nice meeting you and getting to know you a bit. I hope to be able to see more of you and Sarah in the future since you're just so close! Oh and btw, I forgot to mention while we were there, but your hair is amazing! I love it!! Have a good week.

  3. Charity says:

    That red purse you are carrying- I NEED it in my life!! I can't make out the brand on the gold plate?

  4. Katie says:

    how fun!! so many gorgeous ladies!! i need to go to a blogging conference!!

  5. Amanda Klein says:

    Gorgeous photos! P.S. I say the same thing about the food in Dallas! Dallas is my husband's hometown, and whenever we're planning a trip back I always get ridiculously excited for our meals!

  6. Can't wait to hear more tips and what you learned. Sounds like an amazing weekend!

  7. amber says:

    Charity! It is Kate Spade 🙂

  8. I'm seriously still kicking myself that I didn't go!!! Next year I refuse to miss it! Looks like the best time 🙂

  9. Becky M says:

    This looks like such a fun time – I'm jealous!! I also just found your blog, ! am your newest follower!

  10. meg-made says:

    What a gorgeous recap!! Thanks so much for the little shout out. I so wish I could have been there too, it looks like it was such a wonderful weekend!!!! xx