A Few Words to My ‘First-Time Mom’ Self | GIVEAWAY

I think we’ve all had these moments.  
You know, those ‘ah-ha.. man I wish I knew then what I know now..’ moments. 
While I was pregnant with Parker and Jolie, I was going to be a Perfect Mother.  I had THE Perfect Plan to raise my girls into THE Perfect Children – Now thats some pressure.  I had the sole responsibility to welcome two little girls into this self-professed perfect life.  

What a lie. 

Shortly after being placed on bed rest at 26 weeks pregnant , I was told I was ‘the most compliant patient I’ve ever had‘ by my OB..  thats because this was all going to go as planned- I am a Perfect Mother, didn’t you know? 
Shortly after we brought the girls home, there was many a times of screaming (not just crying, but screaming), hunger, non-sleep, and then there was the diagnosis of Jolie’s torticollis.  Which I didn’t even notice at all whatsoever until their pediatrician pointed it out within minutes of their 2-month check-up. I refused any help from others, and never took the naps they say you are supposed to take for fear I would ‘miss’ something.  I remember bawling my eyes out after Jordan suggested that he offer bottles of pumped milk to the girls while I took a nap. What was he thinking?? What kind of Perfect Mother would allow that??!  
I tried so very hard to fill this lie of ‘perfection’.  I was confident, and felt sure of myself in all that I was doing, but found it hard not to compare myself to other mothers and their kiddos.  
That first year or so of the girls’  life was exhausting.  Then it finally clicked.  I don’t know when, or how, or why but I finally felt natural in my roll as a mother.  I took a chill pill and came to the simple realization that It was never my job to be a Perfect Mother.  It was my job to care for these girls the best I know how, and that was ‘good enough’. 
My girls have fallen off the bed while in arms reach..
..endured the worst of all diaper rashes (thank goodness for Dr. Smith’s!). 
..cried because I had to leave for work.
..demanded candy or sweets and I’ve given in.
..still, after 21 months, have the occasional sleepless night. 
..throw tantrum after tantrum and I do my best to remember that they aren’t purposefully trying to ruin my life while mid-grocery trip and a cart full of produce and canned goods.  
..go through periods of refusing to eat most foods, but then surprise me when they hoover the most random meals I come up with.
And they are okay.  
 They are beautiful, healthy, happy, and wonderful baby girls.  
I am a good mom.  Not the Perfect Mother I set out to be, but that was a dream that never was.
Looking back I wish I had this confidence, and the realization that not everything will be perfect, and thats 100% okay, you know?
Well, I do now.
Dont get me wrong.  I still have the occasional mommy-stresses and questions of myself.  We’ve have been potty training for a month, and we still have accidents.  Although they are few and far in between (one just about every other day), I still feel the need for protection.  Am I supposed to use creams and ointments while we are potty training??  Wont that get confusing to feel that without the diaper barrier??   
Enter my chill pill..and Dr. Smith’s Spray.
I take a chill pill about once a week.. just saying.
Dr. Smith’s diaper rash spray gets the job done without any of the mess that typical creams can leave behind.  Totally loving the no-touch option the spray provides.
Which is why I am so excited about collaborating with Dr. Smith’s for a giveaway special to my readers.  I am an avid supporter of small business and quality brands, and this product is one that I believe in so much.  So its about time to share it with you, again!  
The giveaway will run Monday, September 29 through Sunday, October 5 at midnight.
The grand prize winner will receive a $200 Visa Gift Card & Dr. Smith’s Prize Pack 
Three runner up winners will receive a Dr. Smith’s Prize Pack 

Is it tacky to enter into my OWN giveaway?  I love this!
Good luck!!  Winner will be announced on Monday, October 6th.
What about you?  What are your “I wish I knew then what I know now..” moments? 

All expressed opinions of Dr. Smith’s Brand are my own


September 29, 2014

  1. The Joiners says:

    This post has perfect timing given the fact that I let C&C ride in the grocery cart basket yesterday and Colby toppled out headfirst onto the floor 🙁 Someone pointed out to me recently that if we were perfect moms, our kids would have no need for Jesus, so it's a good thing we're so imperfect, right? 😉

  2. Wish I could enter to win! No Facebook for this mama so good luck to everyone else!

  3. Jenn says:

    B is 3 months into potty training and still having the occasional accident. You just roll with it. You have to. You're doing a great job, mama!

    Our Little Miracles

  4. You are the perfect mother – for them!! <3 You are doing an amazing job!

  5. Did you write this specifically for me?! 😉

  6. Liz says:

    I have to say, finding out I was having twins allowed me to almost immediately give up on that imagine of being the "perfect mom". I knew right away I'd have to compromise on certain things. I would have loved to do things like wear my baby more but with twins things like that are tough. Every day I do the best I can for my girls and try to feel good about that. You are a great mom I'm sure and your girls are lucky to have you.

  7. Natalie says:

    I wish I had not pushed so hard on potty training my two girls. We tried and tried and finally ended up throwing the towel in. Soon after they basically potty trained themselves. I was shocked it came so easily when they were mentally and physically ready!