Movie Night Under the Stars | 30th Birthday Celebration

well.  here I am.

I’m thirty.  

like I said in this post, I feel the same..still.  but what made this birthday unique is the celebration that was had in my honor.  I haven’t really had an official ‘party’ in my name, and let me just tell you.. after the amazing-ness this “Movie Night” was, I don’t ever need another one.  I can promise that my husband is shouting ‘yee-haw’ in true Texas fashion, and Ashley’s husband is clicking his heels in delight.

this night was months in the making, and there wasn’t a disappointment to be had.  Ashley (the brains behind it all..) started talking/planning this ‘event’ about three years ago when I was on bed rest.  Jordan ultimately decided I, with a whale of a belly, wouldn’t be able to handle something like that and be comfortable and social AND still safely do as I was instructed and staying off my feet.

so, we saved it for a greater occasion.
you only turn t h i r t y  once, you know.  

there won’t be a whole lot of commentary through this post.. pictures speak for themselves.  having a photographer to capture your event makes life WAY more enjoyable when you have 40 people to host, feed, cater, and entertain.  it was such a fun night, and I still go back, a week laster, to think about it.  I am thankful for my people.  the people that came together to love me and to celebrate my birthday in such a way to make is as memorable as this.

I wish you all could have been there!  next time?  
the attire was casual- backyard barbecue of hanging out and getting comfy on the lawn for a movie.. so jeans or leggings (for me) it was. 
the movie I selected was BIG with Tom Hanks.  because there is probably no movie I watched more than that movie when I was young, and I could count on the fact that everyone would enjoy it.  
a classic in my book.
so, get comfy.. its your turn for a Movie Night {Under the Stars}
As seen on Kara’s Party Ideas

 p h o t o b o o t h f u n
work peeps
that guy in the back.. with the blinking crown on his head.  thats the president of my company.
my boss wore the loudest photo booth prop there was in the bucket.
my oldest (and dearest) friend, Angela, and the sweet Kristina

my rock
the bestest.  she killed it.  
love. adore. cherish this girl.  
no words can express my gratitude for every bit of work she out into planning this for me.
and her hubby, too.
these people.  
we can always find a way to get ALL 8 of us crammed into a Photo Booth.
its been a couple years since our last photo booth sesh.. and I’d say this one topped the charts.
what would life be like without these people.  LOVE doing life with them.
my girls.
the greatest friends any lady could ask for.
we are all officially in our thirty’s (I”m the baby of the group).
but that doesn’t mean we have to be grown-ups.
such a fun night.  there was even singing of happy birthday.  
to me.
because I’m thirty. 
..and then there was cake.  the cake was out of this world.
I think I ate it twice that night.
and again for breakfast.
I’ve heard from many people that their thirties have been a blast.
here’s to the best decade, yet! 
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October 14, 2014

  1. Dani Lewis says:

    Looks like so much fun! I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday! I turn 30 next June so I might just use some of the things that you did. The photo booth idea is so cute at a party!!!! -Dani

  2. STOP!!! This is the most perfect way to celebrate 30 ever! My kind of night for sure. Every little touch is so adorable! Cheers to 30 my friend! Thirty, flirty, and thriving 😉

  3. Dana says:

    Loved everything about this!!

  4. LOVE so much!! I'm so glad you had such a great birthday! My two fave pics were of the photobooth of you and Jordan and then your SMILE in that last pic before blowing candles – you're GLOWING! I just love it. So happy you had a great 30! xoxo

  5. Samantha says:

    So fun!! What great ideas for a party. Happy birthday!

  6. Lara says:

    Oh my!!! This looks so fun!!! I am knocking on 40. My friends need to step up.

  7. Darcy Potter says:

    Perfection!!! Ya'll killed it 🙂 looks like it was a blast and you had a fabulous time! I am living vicariously through your blog wishing I was there partying with you 😉 Happy Birthday again. Big Hugs And luvs, Darcy

  8. CMB says:

    WOW this party is amazing!! You are a lucky lady 🙂 HBD!

  9. What a fabulous birthday – and so special for your hubs and bestie to organise it all!!! Looks like great fun!
    It's my 30th next month – I cannot wait!!