Firehouse Rules

I had something completely different planned for today’s blog post..something along the lines of toddler indoor activities.  I think I’m bringing you something better.  I’m just about half prepared for that aforementioned blog topic, and I promise I will bring it to you.  I continue to be inspired by things, and unless you want nothing less than ‘stacking dog food cans‘ I promise it is worth the wait.
Jordan worked a full 48 hours at the fire station over Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so that left us with little time on Friday to get in a weekend’s worth of daddy time.  Jordan left on Saturday morning and I spouted out promises we would visit.  Sunday afternoon rolled around and it was time to load up the monkeys to visit the fire station.  
over this last month they have been very interested in trucks.   big trucks- like 18-wheelers completely blow their toddler minds and it is screeches and squeals from the back seat, demanding 100% acknowledgement of the ‘big trucks’!  I didn’t even think about it when we opened the door to the apparatus bay and there parked was the biggest ‘trucks’ they’d ever seen.  these girls were enamored.  Immediately running towards the engine with the biggest grins on their faces.
we have been to the fire station before, several times, but never had they taken interest the way they did this time.  they sat proudly in the driver’s seat (thats daddy’s seat!) and played with all the buttons.. turned on the lights, let out the siren, blew the horn.  I mean.. Parker’s face says it all.   

 my favorite people in the whole world.  can’t even express the gratitude i have for my husband for his service.. not just for the city and strangers, but for his amazing service as husband and father to Parker and Jolie.  
 so, whats next?  we did al the typical ‘fire station’ stuff.. and then the best question ever came out of daddy’s mouth.  do you want to squirt the hose? never even a thought to my mind, but Jordan has probably been waiting for this day since forever.  Parker acted like this was the best day of her life.  she was jumping around like a hungry puppy.
 they weren’t totally sure what to think about it all.  the loaded hose was wiry and moving all over the place before Jordan picked it up under control.  when the water started to spew, the lit up faces never dimmed.  
 again.. Parker has got it covered for explanation as to the time they were having.
 and it wouldnt be a fire house visit without the impromptu engine pictures.
I promise them cookies..and Parker was holding me to this promise by shouting about it.
gimme all the cookies, ma!
 only if you give sister sugars.
never fails.  
and sister sugars never, ever, ever, never, ever get old.

Jordan talked about how much fun he had, and how much fun the girls seemed to have for the rest of the evening.  he was basically gushing with joy to see his babies be so excited about where daddy works.  I love it.  this is such a cool place to visit, and sounding the siren, whether you are 2 or 30, is equally as special.
such a perfect end to our weekend.  and daddy got to be apart of it, even while working. 
I hope yours was the same! 
happy Monday!

head wrap // two little bees
kimono // camden & kate
leggings // odarling handmade
boots // old navy


November 24, 2014

  1. I love this! My family always loves visiting my husband at the station, and I cannot wait to have little one's to enjoy those special visits as well! It can be tough having them gone on 48's, especially when that falls on a saturday & sunday, but I'm so glad you all got to go visit!

  2. Do their little shirts say, "Friends forever, born together"??? Because that is way too adorable!

  3. Jenn says: I need those shirts…TOO cute!! xo

  4. The sweetest! They'll have the greatest memories of visiting daddy in their best fashion ever ?