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This time of year if always my favorite, and yes for the obvious reasons I mentioned earlier this week (click), but what I also L O V E is the style of clothes that always seems to follow suit with the weather changes (if you actually have seasons where you live.. Texas, we sort of take a guess.).  
Oversized Sweaters, Boyfriend Cardigans, Corduroy everything, Boots of all sizes – I adore them all.
Pre-momma Amber would fiend for this time of year and would go on a spending bender from November 1st-January One.  I can never have too many sweaters.  There was a year that I had a thing for turtlenecks.  Those things are still haunting my closet.
What I have decided I love even more than clothing style for ME, is clothing for Parker and Jolie (duh.)  I shop small business A LOT, but the key to shopping small and making it affordable (especially when buying for two) is to have staple pieces to carry you through season, and add in other things here and there.  I am planning to share my favorite small shops here at some point.. that list just keeps on growing.
The holidays are always so much fun (again for the obvious reasons, yes) because there is usually something to do that warrants getting out of our jammies and into something cute.  There are ALWAYS picture opportunities, so dressing well is important to document these milestones, if you will, for my toddler babies.  I will say though.. in my house eating cereal is a photo-op, and we remain in our jams or actually decide to go shirtless half the time, but that doesn’t stop this momma. I digress. 
A N Y way.
Outfit deets- lets go!

ONE || top / shorts / tights / bootie
I love this outfit.  It was recently that I learned how amazingly precious it is to throw a pair of tights under shorts or bloomers and call it an outfit.  I don’t know if I’ve been hiding under a rock or what, but it seems like everyone had it figured out before me.  I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out why there would be shorts included in new Fall lines everywhere.  But these are a mixture of heavy fabrics – wool and viscose and lined with 100% cotton for comfort.  If that doesn’t scream cold weather I don’t know what does.  
TWO || dress (similar) / cardigan / riding boots
This dress sold outline before I could even write this post, but something similar in the corduroy texture would be fantastic under a knit cardigan of any color.  Those boots are a steal of a deal right now at Target – BOGO 50%.  A twin mom’s dream.  They come in brown, which I am naturally drawn to,  but after having a hard time pairing an outfit with our gold or brown boots, I decided we needed black.  Maybe I’l get both.
THREE || blouse / vest / jeans / flats (boot option)
This entire outfit is inspired by that mustard vest.  I got the Hanna Andersson catalog in the mail over the weekend, and I doggie-eared many pages, but I couldn’t get over this vest.  I want it in MY size.  Not to mention the rose gold flats from Old Navy.  I’ll take a pair of those, too.  The blouse is also.. well, you know. I’ll just take this entire outfit and wear it to Thanksgiving dinner myself.
FOUR || blouse / cords / riding boots (similar) / vest
Another outfit built around the vest.  I found this knit vest for me (click), and continued browsing to see if I could find something similar for the twins.  They do technically have faux fur in their closet already.. but really.. who cares.  It looks amazing, and is actually really versatile.  I rarely go for white anything because I’m fearful to ruin it, but I couldn’t help myself.  A basic print swing top and skinny cords round out the outfit with texture, and again, I’m wishing for this in my size.

I was sad that I could no longer find Parker and Jolie’s dress they are wearing to Thanksgiving dinner- I bought it from Gap almost 2 months ago.  I was actually going to share it and all the accessories I’ve planned.  Accessories.  Yeeesh.  I have found myself in the same hairbow predicament as I did with Halloween.  I ended up with about 7 too many.. and I keep finding more and more that I love and must have.  GREAT news is that these ‘Thanksgiving-y’ hair bows will carry through the season.  None are bright orange and black – even though we could technically get away with that.. 
What are your clothing favorites for (both mom and baby) this Fall/Winter season?  
I like all of it.. and Parker and Jolie always see that benefit:) 


November 12, 2014

  1. Lindsey says:

    I stumbled across your blog somehow from BFaith(y'alls twin NB pics in the FF boots were the REASON I had to pick Brit to take our pics) annnnyhow…

    I was reading this post and the entire time thinking those were outfits for you. Can you dress me please?

  2. I'll take one of each in my size. #1 is DEF my fave. Those tights are presh. I can't wait to see your fall faves for you!