Our Weekend (before christmas)

This weekend before Christmas was a busy one.  It never seems to be intentional when we do it, but it all happens at once.
Saturday morning my house was quiet long enough for me to make my coffee and enjoy to Christmas-y spirit of my cozy home.  I absolutely love this time of year and hate to ever see it end until the next year.
 I snapped a quick pic of my kitchen cabinets – perfectly decorated with Christmas wishes from friends & family- both near and far.  These are my favorite ‘decorations’ of every twinkle-y thing displayed in our house this time of year.
Things started before lunch with a celebration of our friend, Jacob. I’ve mentioned before that his mom, Diana, and I were just days apart in due dates – and of course due to the nature of my pregnancy we delivered a little early at 37 weeks.  So Jake is just a little younger than us, and we adore him!  
 It was all boy for this 2-year old party – baseball everything, and it was oh-so adorable. 
It was held at a play-place (see also: pure insanity of toddlers and kiddos alike).
Hence the lack of picture taking other than these two consuming pizza, cake, and ice cream.  They disappeared with their dad about 11 seconds after walking in the door of this place. 

 Watching them quietly sit and eat as they were told and observing the other littles around them do the same.  The room was small, so when they were trying to serve everyone I got out of the way and sat at a table right outside the room, and they didn’t even notice.  
They are growing way to quick for my liking.  
 We sang Happy Birthday to Jacob, and Jolie was next to him practically turning blue from her attempts at the candle blowing..
 Without a second thought, Mr. Chris lit the candle again and let Jolie have her turn. 
I love our friends.
 Cupcakes and ice cream were next.   I was starting to be thankful for the place we were at so that they could ‘run’ off all this sugar.
 Attempts to get all the kiddos to look at the camera.  Jolie and Juliette were ready to go!
 After a drive home of singing and goofy giggles – still clearly on a sugar high – we came home to crash and burn for a 4 hour nap.
After nap, we went outside a little fresh air, eat our snack, and just have some sister time.
Post-nap hair is my favorite.
 As the day went on, the air got cooler, and there was football to be watched on the patio.  Jacqueline and the kiddos came over for dinner – pizza (again) and lots of playtime in front of the fire for Parker, Jolie, Landon, and Juliette.  
Sunday we celebrated Christmas with the Vineyard’s.  We all headed over the Bree and Roy’s early in the day and spent the entire time lounging and enjoying cousin playtime and Cowboy football.  I have zero pictures of present opening or feast eating.. BUT – when bath time rolled around, I was ready.  

Their Great-Aunt Jenny (we call her Cookie) sent them these jammies for Christmas, and Jenna and I happened to have brought them, so a photo (and FaceTime with Cookie) was totally necessary. 

‘Christmas Break’ is in full swing – and I plan to get plenty of rest over these next couple weeks.  I LOVED waking up to my family this morning.  I did snap a picture of P&J playing with their new My Little Pony Rainbow Kingdom play set Aunt Jenna and Uncle Adam got them.  They LOVE it!

I cannot believe Christmas is just a few days away.  
I don’t know about you – but I have some wrapping to do!
Happy Christmas week


December 22, 2014

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    They are so cute…. Merry Christmas to You Guys!

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