Parker & Jolie | 2 Years

Tomorrow marks 2 full years of life under our belts with these sweet twin babies.  I remember walking through the clothing racks as a new mom when they were just weeks old and picking up size 18 months and 2T clothing and thought – how can these little things ever fit into this?  Ever??
I tried so hard not to blink.  Everyone kept telling me – it flies!  
Two years flew by & I feel like it is all hitting me at once. Can they please just stay this little forever?
I was feeling sentimental and watching some old videos from this time last year, and my bald, round-faced, wobbly walking littles have changed so much.   
I was laughing at loud sitting in my office at work watching videos and flipping through pictures..
I miss that age.  I miss those milestones.  I wish they hadn’t come and gone so quickly.  
I absolutely love this age and these new milestones.  
So many memories have been made in this 2nd year.
Happiest Birthday, my precious, precious Parker and Jolie.
T W O Year Stats
Weight: 25 pounds, 10 ounces
Height: 34.4 inches
Head: 48.7 centimeters
Weight: 27 pounds, 6 ounces
Height: 35.8 inches
Head: 48.1 centimeters
Looking at them, everyone would think Parker was the better eater and petite Jolie was picky.
Super wrong, you are, everyone.  
Jolie has an incredible appetite.  This girl will eat EVERYthing you put in front of her.  Of not clean her plate, she’ll try it at the very least.  She eats all day long, no matter what time it is.
Pasta, pizza, chicken, rice – especially Mexican rice, cheese, turkey deli meat, grilled cheese.. ALL fruits and most recently found a love for pomegranate ariels.  Really the list goes on.  Sauce isn’t her thing at all – unless its salsa or guacamole.
 Parker is really very picky and unless its a chicken nugget, she’s out on all meats.  She will try some things, with great encouragement.. but really it is a battle we won’t win at this age.  They do not need to clean their plates when we all sit down to eat together, and I’m okay with that.  3-4 solid bites of food and I count that as a dinner win.
Peanut butter is hands down her favorite, bread, cereal, chips, salsa, apples, grapes, strawberries (thats just about the limited list of fruits she will eat), sauce on EVERYthing – BBQ and ketchup are her favorite. 
They’re both excellent with utensils – that being said, Jolie prefers her fingers, and Parker will use the utensils half of the time.  They eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 16 ounces of organic whole milk, and 2-3 snacks during the day.  With the ‘okay’ from their pediatrician, we are going to be moving to skim milk (because that is what we drink at home) once our ‘stash’ of whole milk is dry.

We have had our fair share of issues with sleep over the last two years.  We have had moments of amazing sleep habits – go down without a peep of fussing, sleep 14 hours, and wake up glowing for the day.  We have also been in the boat (as recent as just a few weeks ago) of sleepless nights, up every hour, whimpering through sleep- wishing to be held all night.  Jolie tells me at 2am she just wants to be rocked in the chair.  And then there is the random wakings at 5am ready for the day.  Why this happens I have no idea.  We don’t change anything about their ‘routine’, so it is just hit or miss, I suppose.  We moved their bed time to 8pm about 4 months ago when we started sitting down together as a family to eat at the table.  It was really hard to get them bathed and wound down for sleep by 7:30pm, and they seemed to be okay with it at 8pm.  They also started sleeping longer during nap time, so it was easy to transition to this later bedtime.
They sleep from 8pm to 8:00-8:30am with a nap after lunch (about 12:30pm) until 3:30pm-4pm  
While it is still a work in progress, we are doing AWESOME.  We rarely have accidents, and we can successfully make trips to the public restrooms while running errands without a single issue.  We will use the ‘little potty’ as well as the ‘big potty’ interchangeably while at home, and haven’t an issue with either babe.  At age 2, Parker is 100% potty trained.  She has no problem or anxiety about going potty, both number one and number two.  Jolie, on the other hand, is about 95% trained.  She has a really hard time going number two in the potty and will usually leave her ‘business’ to nap time and first thing in the morning before getting out of bed.  We are in diapers during sleep hours, and will probably remain with this potty routine until we stick them in the toddler beds (which, at this time, we haven’t a clue when we will make that transition).   To sleep in panties, they will need to be able to get out of bed on their own to go potty if and when they need to.  We are strictly in panties and have never used Pull-Ups- while there is NO problem with using them we just chose not to.
More on potty training HERE & HERE  

I am obsessed with watching these two interact together during times of play.  For whatever reason this last month they have become eagerly interested in every toy in their playroom.  I’m talking toys they haven’t played with since their first birthday!  Watching them play together brings me so much joy.  They love to run run run outside and play hard- lots of mid-yard dance parties, and chasing Ginny down the back fence.  They have always loved playing chase, but Papa introduced them to Hide and Seek and it will go on for an hour before they are ready to move on to something new.  When Papa visits, we all know what game isn’t far behind. 
Tea parties, baby dolls, makeup (playing with mom’s empty makeup canisters and old brushes), play jewelry and purses..and the most fun are chasing each other around the kitchen island with the (really loud) popper toys <– of new interest again.  They also love to push each other on the alphabet train, and a 30 year old Fisher Price horse (that has gone through 4 generations of babies, and is now Parker and Jolie’s favorite toys.
Fortunately, they both grasp the idea of sharing MOST of the time.  They take turns and will give the toy back if prompted by one of us – Jolie has become very picky on when she wants to share, but Parker will most often okay with the trade.  Motor skills and understand has tremendously changed over the last several months.  Puzzles are a whiz, and colors are becoming a no-brainer.  We have a couple of ‘know your colors and numbers’ Melissa and Doug puzzles that we play with together.  I give them each the numbers and color pieces, and then ask for whatever color or number I need for the puzzle and they have to cognitively decide who has it.  I watched BB do this with them, and found it to be an amazing opportunity for teaching and learning during playtime.
They both love television!  Like really love it.  They will sit through The Little Mermaid, Frozen, and Tangled without a motion to move.  After nap and while I’m trying to finish up dinner, it is either one of these movies, OR Mickey Mouse. We have recorded a couple of the Mickey movies to the DVR.. and right now they are loving the Mickey Christmas movies.  
These girls have learned and changed so much – and it continually impresses Jordan and I with how well they understand and can think through and process questions or activities we do together.
Parker Jane 
You have been acting so grown up lately, putting sentences together and acting like a little lady that knows what she wants and when she wants it.
Your demeanor hasn’t changed a bit since you came into this world.  You are still spunky, hilarious, and over the top silly – when you want to be. There are moments when you are just not in the mood, and you make sure we all know it.  
Looking over old videos and pictures of you from a year ago, and even when you were just a teeny one – as much as you have changed, you are still sweet Parker.
Now that your communication has much improved over these last few months, tantrums are few and far in between.  You just have so much to say – and couldn’t get it out well enough to say it!  My favorite is when you say ‘Joweee’.  It is the sweetest sound my ears have ever heard.
You verbally communicate with what seems so easily these days, and still we are working on our words, but you really capture and absorb more than any of us realize.
You LOVE to stack (blocks are on our list for Christmas and Birthday), and puzzles will hold your attention for a short time.  You amaze me with how very smart you are, sweet girl.  You are quickly learning your numbers and letters and love to draw and color.  You will sit and draw these tiny squiggles all in one place, and then spell out the letters of your name – as if you are writing it over and over and over.  You will count your fingers, but don’t usually get past the number three.
You LOVE to help me with everything I am doing.  Sitting up on the counter while I cook dinner, pouring, stirring, feeding Ginny, cleaning, sweeping, and sitting in my lap while I blog (always about you).. you love to look at the pictures and tell me all about them.  Every opportunity to assist your mom or dad, you take it.  Since putting up the Christmas decor, the moment we wake up in the morning you run over and push all the buttons to turn on all the lights.  A girl after your momma’s own heart – My favorite part about this time of year is how warm and cozy the Christmas lights and tree make our home.  You love it.  
You are the most elaborate kisser and hugger in this house. You swing open your arms and wrap them around my neck all while saying ‘Awwwwwwwww!” something that you must have picked up from you mom or BB when we hug you or watch you and your sister hug.  When we tuck you in at night, we give about a bazillion ‘sugars’, and then just as my hand reaches to close your nursery door you shout ‘ONE MORE!!‘ There is always one more sugar to be had before you drift off to sleep.  I hope so desperately that you ask me for one more for the rest of forever.
Your hair is less blonde and more ash brown – and really curly.  It has grown down the nape of your neck, and my favorite thing to do while you cuddle in my lap is to twirl it around my fingers.  
CUDDLE.  Oh my little girl, you are amazing.  I cannot even express how much I cherish the cuddle time with you.  You will back up into my lap and then wrap my arms around your waist to make sure I’m holding you tight.  In the car you love to have my hand resting on your leg, your daddy’s too, if its free to do so.  You rest your hand on top of ours as a sense of security and it breaks your heart if ever we have to move it.  
Such a sweetheart you are – I am so proud of you and who you are transitioning to from baby to toddler.
Love you more than anything, mini.
Happiest Birthday baby girl.
Love, Mama

Parker Jane,
Oh my goodness, have you changed so much. You have recently become a little bit more of a daddy’s girl, however I think you still prefer mom more. You are one spunky, playful little thing. You come walking over to me with this look like, “you better be ready for some crazy play, dad.” When I see you coming like that I immediately start grinning and then it’s on. You are so sweet and absolutely melt your dad every time you want to hold my hand, which is almost every time we are driving. You get lost in your favorite movies until you see me sit down. Then you immediately come climb in my lap and proceed to tell me all about the movie and what’s going on. Most of which I have no idea what your saying. You are very independent and know exactly what you want. I regularly refer to you as my “little Amber” because you are her spitting image in looks and every cute little thing you do. You have brought such love to my life and I love every minute of my time with you.


Jolie Grace
Ah, my sweet little bit.  You are equal parts sweet and sass.  There is nothing like your sweet smile and it brightens up the entire room.  You consume everyone’s attention, and you know very well that is what is happening.  You eat it up, girlfriend.  You know how I know?  Random bursts into crazy side grabbing giggles, speed twirling, and opera singing.  Anything to get attention, you are right in the middle of it.
You are most often the first to fall asleep at night and the first to wake.  One moment you are passed out – Puppy over your face and thumb in your mouth, and the very next moment I hear your attempts to wake up Parker “HAY, Awwka” <–your version of Parker. Then the giggles and squeals start.  A solid 30 minutes of crib play is required before you are ready to get up for the day.  Your spirits in the morning have much improved and we all love to see your smiling face first thing.
Verbally, you are much more inclined to repeat whatever we are prompting you to say over your sister.  You have some really impressive annunciations – your ‘I love you’ is one for the books.  I am still trying to get that on video, but holy moly it is quiet humorous. 
Your favorite phrase is “NO WAY!” even when it has absolutely nothing to do with anything going on right then.   It is always your first response to any question asked, and then occasionally you will spit out the sweetest ‘yea‘ and I’m a puddle.
Jolie are you ready to get dressed?
Jolie can we go potty
Jolie do you love me?
Are you just going to say ‘yea’ to everything?
You are really smart and have little problem understanding or problem solving, and puzzles will rock your world for hours.
You love to skip, dance, twirl, run, and jump.  Your running is more like a prance – running with the smallest steps in between – so it looks like you are bobbing up and down and your crazy hair flies from side to side.  It is SO cute.  You love singing and will follow along every tune to The Little Mermaid.  Actually- when there is any kind of beat or music, you are tapping your feet and humming along.  Music is in your soul, and you most definitely sing to your own tune.
You have turned into quiet the little momma.  You adore your little baby dolls, feed them, swaddle them, rock them, and of course, sing to them.  Tea parties are quiet the elaborate scene in this house.  You lay out a blanket (or dish towel), and arrange your babies and animals in a row sweeping each of them ‘tea’.  Who taught you how to do all these ‘mama’ and little girl things is beyond me.. it just seems to be engrained in your sweet mind, and it is outrageous how precious it is to watch.  
You have your moments of being held, and you will snuggle in tight (usually with Puppy in the face of the person holding you), but most of the time, sitting still is not for you.  You would best assume to be playing solo and multi-tasking a million different things at once than to be propped up agains mom or dad’s chest.  So different from Parker, but just as perfect.
You are still a laid back little bit and with the most free spirit and sweet demeanor any one could ask for.  You have changed they very most over these last 2 years, and I have found myself to fall in love with you more and more everyday I spend with you. 
You have absolutely changes our life, Jo Grace, and I thank the Sweet Lord every day for blessing me with you. 
Happy Birthday my teeny two year old! 
I love you, 

Jolie Grace,
My sweet little bit! You have come such a long way since your wee little 4.5 lbs. You have become such a spunky, silly girl. You also always have a smile on your face and will work so hard to make mom and dad smile, even when your getting in trouble. You are so independent, wanting to do everything yourself. Your mom and I love watching you be independent but don’t take our little bit from us too soon. You have become quite the chatter box and are so cute to listen to with your lack of annunciation. I will definitely miss your special “I love you” that only your mom and I understand. You are the sweetest when you climb in your daddy’s lap to watch tv and want me to rub your belly. Or, when you stop in the middle of playing to pucker up for a random sugar. I have cherished every moment with you and look forward to watching you grow over the next year.  

photo credit c/o b faith photography
hair bows c/o sparkles for eden (instagram shop)
jammies: hanna andersson
birthday banner and cake picks: little dovie
tassle banner c/o project paper
birthday cake pancake recipe: baked by rachel
cake stand: william sonoma (similar)

December 5, 2014

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