My Funny Valentine{s) | 2015

truth be told, Jordan and I didn’t even think about this love holiday until thursday last week. and the conversation went something like 
“do we have or want to make plans for this weekend?” 
“i dunno..?”
pretty much sums it up in that many words.  much (much) to my surprise, Jordan had already arranged child care for he and I to have a date night on actual Valentine’s Day.
right as I learned this little tidbit of information a pig flew in and nearly clobbered my windshield.  
close call. 
I can give Jordan more credit than that – he is actually the romantic in our marriage.  
and I love it.
this week has been less than stellar- the weepy pregnant woman I am has felt up to doing very little. 
Friday my boss smoked a boatload of brisket and pork and held a feast for the staff at work.  Parker, Jolie, and me made our way to work for the v-day festivities and some really delicious food.
Jordan happened to be working his part-time job out that way, so he came by and took advantage of the grub, too! he and my boss are practically brothers from different wombs, so it is always a pleasure on both sides.
while we don’t have a cutesy card this year (I’m actually pretty disappointed about that.. time got away from me), we do have these amazing hairbows c/o shelby chic.  everyone complimented:)
hairbows c/o shelby chic // vest / old navy
dress / baby gap (sold out)// leggings / circo @ target // moccs c/o freshly picked 

 i asked if i could be their valentine..

 ..but i was totally denied.  they’ll always have a valentine in each other for sure.

 ..give me a sugar. is such a hame my children have no personality.

 ..i mean.  really.

 they make me so flippin’ happy, its unreal.
friday night, we settled in for a quiet dinner at home.
egg & avocado tacos were the last minute consensus for the four of us.
a quick bath and bedtime left Jordan and I with grey’s anatomy and blue bloods on the dvr.

saturday |day| was low key.  after nap Jordan and I loaded the girls and their pack and play’s up and headed for a sleepover at BB and Papa’s house.  we left them after many many many sugars goodbye and made our way out for date night.

Matt started his series on James last week and there was no way we could go the weekend without hearing his message this week, so the 5 o’clock service was the perfect start of our v-day celebrations.

IF you get the chance, check out his podcasts over this series. we are only two weeks in and it is absolutely amazing. 

after church we decided to stay close to home and grab a bite to eat at blue goose – MEXICAN! (a favorite and regular spot for us).  everything was delicious, and much to the desire of this pregnant belly.

we had grand plans for dinner & and movie, but there was nothing out we hadn’t seen yet.. and we are probably thee only people on the planet with zero desire to see 50 shades of grey..
SO – home to the dvr once again.. but not without a stop at target to fill our basket with clearance valentine’s day candy galore.
home to an empty house we was the perfect date. but we did miss the girls tremendously.  we even turned on the sound machines left in their room – neither of us could sleep without the background noise we are so attuned to.

I hope you all were loved and hugged the most by your people!
happy valentine’s day!

valentine’s day past


February 16, 2015

  1. Elizabeth says:

    That sounds perfect!! You definitely are not the only ones that had no desire to see 50 Shades of Grey. The whole thing confuses me so much. I feel like a person would have to be very starved for romance to think of THAT as romantic. My hubby and I went to a hockey game instead, lol. Nothing says romance like watching some hot Canadian guys beat each other up, haha : )

  2. I love how fashionable your littles are! Your family is adorable! How sweet of your husband to make secret plans for you guys! It sounds like you had the perfect night! My husband and I are pretty low key to, but still made it so memorable! Thank you for sharing the link to the sermon! Definitely will be listening to that today! <3

  3. Ash. says:

    Ugh 50 shades of grey, gag. No pun intended. You guys are dang cute. Glad you had a happy valentines!

  4. Chelsea says:

    Your little ones are so adorable!!!!!
    Happy Monday
    Chelsea @

  5. DVR is our best friend! No time to go out and see a movie. Pretty sure I haven't been to the theatre in well over a year! 🙂

    The Mrs. &Co.

  6. What cutie pies! Hopefully you will be feeling reenergized soon…it's so hard being pregnant and running after toddlers!


  7. Jenn says:

    We sent our twinkies to Grandma and Grandpa's too. And no 50 Shades interest here either. Your weekends sounds pretty perfect. And could the girls be any cuter?!

    Our Little Miracles

  8. How cute! Wish my boss smoked out for us ? and yeah…no thank you to 50 shades… ?
    I love that y'all started it off with church and I love that pic of you both! We were in the same boat after dinner with NO good movies out to see, so we met a couple friends for drinks but were still home before 9:45. #YouKnowYoureAParentWhen ☺️