27 Weeks

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scarf // loft (old)
denim shirt // loft (similar
How far along? 27 weeks 
Total weight gain: 15 pounds
Maternity clothes? While I am most comfortable in yoga pants and tee shirts, most of said tee shirts are becoming quite short.  Showing off the underbelly is all the rage in the confinements of the four walls I call home.  I’ve been browsing pinterest for non-maternity style/fashion to sort of twerk my brain on ways to expand the maternity wardrobe (see photo above) I feel like I’ve been through and back already. While we all wish we looked like her, I am feeling rather whale-ish in everything I put on.  With warm weather in sight, I have collected more maxi dresses this go round of pregnancy – I am loving these: here, here, + here.  It has been pretty warm this week in Texas – and I’m thankful to have another option aside from shorts to wear this summer.  
Sleep: Its all good.  I have been getting really tired in the evenings – ready for bed before 8pm!  Finding a comfortable position has been interesting.  The all too familiar attempt to roll from one side to the other with this heavy belly in flooding back.  Especially when one has a full bladder at 2am and really can bring herself to get up to go.. 
Best moment this week: Anytime I feel her move – it is the best.  She’s been flip flopping a lot- she was head down at my appointment last week, but I am pretty sure she made a complete flip back to breech over the weekend.  I can actually feel baby when I touch my belly- her little bootie sticks out more often than anything – it is almost like a special bond I get with her in that moment to feel her with my hand on the outside of my belly.  Favorite.
Miss Anything? Nah.  I got excited for new nail polish and came home after getting it with grand plans to paint my toes during nap time, but sadly, painting my toes proved to be a feat in and of itself.. I really need a pedicure (hello, sandal season!).  Maybe I can convince Jordan to paint my toes for me.  Maybe?  Bueller?
Cravings: Still loving sandwiches (subway cravings start at 8am), carbonated anything, peanut butter toast (only in the afternoon.. something about eating that in the morning gives me heartburn these days), yogurt (3-4 times a day), fruit (we go through strawberries, apples, and bananas like water), crunchy ice, Starbucks fruit teas.
Symptoms: I’ve noticed that I get heartburn a lot easier these days.  Water is a crazy culprit, believe it or not.  I have to be careful to drink slowly.. and actually ice does me better.  I didn’t deal with it in twin pregnancy (weird), but with this one baby she is giving me all kinds of crazy pregnancy dealings.  Heartburn- I do not like you.  
Looking forward to: I had a conversation yesterday with a sweet friend about the arrival of her first – the books she was buying, the classes she was taking, and the necessities she thought she needed while she was preparing for all of this ‘newness’ and uncharted territory yet to come.  Jordan and I were chatting last night about the differences in expectations of this pregnancy versus the arrival of Parker and Jolie. I/we kind of know what to expect with this little sister’s birth- the processes and what the ‘plan is’- and with Parker and Jolie there was so much unknown I forgot about the excitement there was to be had about the actual arrival of my first (and second) babies.  I think about the day I will meet her multiple times a day.  The little details of her face, her tiny feet, and the smell of her baby head.  As I approach my last trimester, all this is becoming more real that I get to experience the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced in my entire life- becoming a mom, again.  So, so lucky.  I cannot wait!


April 22, 2015

  1. Miranda says:

    Prevacid once a day while pregnant is a lifesaver. I have been taking it since twenty weeks probably. I would be miserable without it!

  2. You are adorable!! My biggest craving around this stage? Wendy's Frosty.

  3. Kristina says:

    glowing, gorgeous mama! i need your style.