Life Lately + Canton Finds

After a totally random week – Friday is here, and who else is ready for the weekend?  
Days at work have been pure insanity – this time of year always ends up like this for me – and finally April is here and thank goodness its not a mean joke on me that my work calendar resembles less and less of an exploded soda in the freezer.
This week was spent with my sweet family, and friends, while Jordan studied for his Lieutenant’s promotional exam coming up in between (we see the light at the end of the tunnel). 
After my OB appointment on Tuesday, I came home to my busy girls – there has been lots of baby talk around these part lately.. and although WE understand that Parker and Jolie are actually saying her name, no one else around us would have any idea what they are saying.
Sorry, BB:)
They love looking at pictures and sharing sonograms with these two offers the sweetest ‘ooh’ (as seen below via the puckered mouth of Parker) and ‘ahh’ moments.
 One of the sweetest family I know (via instagram) was brought to real life when they came over for burgers and butterscotch cake.  Kelly and I have been friends for a little while now via email, text, and social media- and with their family move from Tennessee to the metroplex coming up in just a couple short months, it was so fun to finally meet and hug her neck in person. 
Those cheeks are as squishy in person as they appear on your screen:)
 Wrangling four toddlers turned into a whole lot of grass eating + curious little girls 
 I always adore Aubrey and her work she does on this here little blog.
Did you notice the teeny update?  I now have a ‘Pin It’ button hovering over each image!  
I have been asked for months why I don’t have this.. and I have no idea why I never did – but now I do:)
 First Monday’s is this weekend – so yesterday BB, Teresa (BB’s bestie and basically another set of grandparents to Parker & Jolie) and myself made the short drive to Canton to see what treasures we could find.
I was on a mission to find nursery items and with the Canton professionals I was with- we were bound to find some great things.  To be honest, every time I’ve ever gone, I’ve never had anything I was looking for anything in particular.
But.. oh.. I always have something to look forward to: the food.
It was hard not to spend all my monies on the amazing delicious and fried foods sprinkled throughout the ground of shopping pavilions.
Lunch might have been my favorite part of the entire trip. 
 Until this happened.. I found the most amazing chandelier for baby girl’s room.  It is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.  A great price – and pretty enormous.  It is going to be perfect – I cannot wait to hang it.
I also found the sweetest painted piggie bank, a painted shelf.. and the perfect (everything is perfect, I suppose) rocking chair.  With ‘French vintage’ stuck in my head while planning her nursery – we were two clicks away from pulling the trigger on this chair.. ad I’m SO glad we didn’t.   
More on nursery inspiration next week!
Home from Canton- dirty and tired, I was thankful for a super relaxed evening. 
The weather has been awesome this week, and we have been spending a ton of time outside.
Parker and Jolie’s happy place, for sure.
 Lazy evenings spend outside until its dark means random and later than normal makeshift dinners.
Edamame is always the best appetizer.
Easter is just a couple sleeps away.
Leading up to that day: 
Sleepovers with Auntie + Uncle J (the twins) + date night for the hubby and me.
A birthday party, shopping, and grilling for dinner.
Easter Sunday church, bluebonnets, + egg hunting in BB & Papa’s backyard
I am way excited for the next few days.
Happy Easter, sweet friends!


April 3, 2015

  1. Karra says:

    ohhh edamame! I need to give my lady those. We LOVED going to the fire station (hubby's an AF firefighter) and I can't wait to hear the babe's name!

  2. Heather says:

    I've been wanting to go to Canton for years! After seeing that chandelier I think I'm going to start planning a trip. I can't wait to see your nursery once it's finished!

  3. Lessye says:

    I swoon. That chandelier! Love it.