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My brain has been working hard on Baby 3’s nursery.. I feel like I’ve gotten my entire head wrapped around the how’s and what’s of the room – but putting it all out into work has been slow to start.  With Parker and Jolie’s nursery I didn’t get to pick out anything in person.  I was on bed rest fairly early on in my pregnancy (24 weeks), and was not really involved in their nursery planning.  Pinterest was new-ish to me + the thought of growing and birthing two babies at once filled my thoughts throughout the day.  I built the ideas for their room as I went along.  I remember buying their nursery rocker (online) and thinking- I could make that work..
All that being said- this go round with baby room planning has been way fun for me.  Getting to browse at my leisure all the little things that make a nursery whole and then picturing it coming together is just too much for this pregnant mama to handle. Her currently un-finished room is empty – and would you believe me if I told you it is my favorite room in the house right now?
it is.  totally.
This custom banner from the olive grove shop came in this week.  I plan to hang it over her crib that sits in front of the wood wall.
My repurposed wood wall.  So completely in love with how it turned out.  I sent my ideas over to Stella + JD of The Rustic Door and hoped that it would come together the way I had been picturing it in my head.  They far exceeded my expectations and it looks awesome!  
in progress:
We have other things ‘in-progress’ and I will say that I had a fantastic trip to Canton First Monday’s earlier this month.  I made out with several steals, including the nursery rocker that I thought I was never going to find without spending an arm and a leg on it.  $70.  yep, seven-zero.  I plan to have a cushion made to match her bedding.  Another thing that we still haven’t decided on, but I have visions! 
I have been fortunate to find some pretty perfect pieces for Baby 3’s room without breaking the bank. 
One thing Jordan and I decided + agreed on pretty early on in this whole pregnancy gig was we needed to find a way to be financially smart with how we built her ‘dream’ nursery.  Since the twins were born, we have been making it by with the vehicles we owned prior to their arrival (I drive a 4-door Jetta TDI and Jordan drives a 4-door Chevy), but with a third little miss on the way we are being forced into finding a larger car to oblige our growing family.. clock is ticking and I can just feel the dollar bills flying out of my pocket when we are simply browsing – not even test-driving!  
I can’t wait to share pictures of the entire room.  I know, I am missing about a million things… I have a running list of things we still need that I kindly detailed as follows.
Nursery Things To Do List:
paint the room
..waiting on her rug to arrive before we pick out paint colors – thinking of a rose pink.
hang chandelier fixture (Canton steal)
Buy a rug
..should be arriving soon!
changing table (check!)
..with the help of Stella, we were able to thrift and re-do a pretty great piece
rocking chair (check!)
crib (check!)
..we are re-using the crib that both Jordan + Jenna used.. it is a wood spindle crib that we handed over to Stella and JD for another project for them to do for us:)  Next best thing to NOT purchasing a wrought iron crib (good gracious they are expensive)
decide on crib bedding
fabric banner (check!)
hang shelving (another Canton find)
changing table hardware
hang shabby frames
..planning on forming a collage to arrange over the changing table (opposite of the wood wall)
..I would love to find a great big clock to hang on a wall, little vintage trinkets, a great decorative tray
lighting (lamp for the changing table)
..I have the lamp shade, just need the perfect base!
I won’t even go into the “baby buy” list… It stresses me out to think about that one.  We have A LOT (hello, two of everything..) that isn’t totally worn out from when the girls used it just two years ago, and I’m so thankful for that.  We spent a weekend not too long ago pulling it all out and taking account for what we have and what we will probably need to get. We do need a few accessories here and there, a changing pad, crib mattress, probably some new bath towels..  
And some other stuff..
the list continues to grow and my mind continues to wander into the precious baby girl clothing section of the store. 
f o c u s.


April 16, 2015

  1. That wall looks amazing!!! I love it. Looks great with the rocking chair.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and unique! It will be the perfect nursery for Baby Massey 3! That wall is stunning as well.

  3. Chelsea says:

    OMG!!!! adorable 🙂 I can't wait to see how the rest turns out I am in love with this

  4. Love it!! That wood wall is gorg!!!

  5. Astleigh H. says:

    I'm so smitten with that repurposed wood wall! Gorgeous! This room will certainly be timeless and classic.

  6. Jenn says:

    Love, love, love the wall! I can't wait to see the chandelier you purchased hanging in her room.

    Our Little Miracles

  7. Lara says:

    That wall and rocker are amazing!!! I would just sit in there all day.

  8. Adorable! I'm so jealous. I haven't even had time to make a list. We've got nothing done so far and baby will be here in July lol.