Weekend Photo Dump

Well.. its still raining.  Raining every single day.  Raining morning noon and night.. and really, keeping my babies up at all hours, sleeping in the hallway, tapping me on the face at 2:47am, and requiring extra snuggles at 4:17am.
And the forecast shows rain – for the next 10 days.  
Friday was scheduled months ago for my maternity shoot with Brittany, the babes, and my one and only bae.  
For Mother’s Day Jordan handed me what every mama dreams of: time.  
Time to myself for the day and into the afternoon.  I asked if I could ‘save’ it for pampering myself before the maternity shoot (i.e. mani/pedi + lunch + hair).  So, I held off a week and got up early on Friday morning to head out for a day of ‘me’.  All by myself. 
It was raining (duh), but I was hopeful and kept our plans as scheduled, hoping the rain would hold out until the evening when we were going to be taking the pictures.
As I left.. my sweet littles were snug in my bed – the perfect way to spend a rainy morning. 
 My first stop was at the nail salon where the sweetest husband and wife worked to make my nails pretty – we talked about our kiddos the entire time.  They had a house full of boys, while I have the exact opposite, and its amazing the two different worlds we live in – but yet, a parent is a parent.
With very neon orange toenails I proceeded to grab myself some lunch. You totally guessed it- I ate a sandwich. 
I came across a Groupon to Blo dry bar about a month ago and hopped on it with plans to use it for that day and made the trek across what seemed like a million miles to Dallas (in the pouring rain). As I came out of the salon, the rain had stopped.. this was a good sign. 
Home to my sweet life and we were dressed and out the door.  We went to the Las Colinas Canals where they have the most gorgeous arch ways, enormous stone steps and, of course the water.
4 seconds into the shoot we had a couple of babes already stealing the show.  
custom flower crowns / two sparrows headbands // crop tops c/o daily delilah // tutu skirts / pretty springy
 The rest of the evening was spent bribing them to stand near mama, hold hands, kiss mama’s belly..  ‘for suckers and smarties’.  The second part of the shoot was of just Jordan and me, and wouldn’t you know that Jolie and Parker sat stone still and did everything we told them to do while Jordan and I took pictures by ourselves.  
Thats usually how it works out, isn’t it? 
Saturday it rained.  Again.  But, after nap we met my sweet friend Amy to play for the afternoon outside – it was humid but cloudy.. and NOT raining.  
Sunday was a very full day of normalcy.  Church with my people (after it poured and stormed all night the seats weren’t as full in service) and then a trip to the grocery store.. lunch, and then these two fell asleep in the car on the way home.  Those skinned up knees.. someone on instagram called them ‘summer knees’ and I’d say thats about right, wouldn’t you?
Also- the look 13.  s t o p growing.
head wraps / shelby chic // tee c/o simply emelia // necklaces c/o lilmar + co // crocheted vests c/o top knots and twirls
After we got home, Jordan made a trip to meet JD of The Rustic Door to pick up the crib and the changing table.  After he got it all in the room (the crib has yet to be assembled..) I was in shock at how quickly it comes together with those additions.  I am loving how it all came out.  
Would you believe that this changing table was bought off the floor at a resale thrift store for a fraction of what it would have cost on Craig’s List or at a garage sale. Jordan’s 33 year old crib got an impressive face lift also and I am so excited to see what it looks like put together. 
I’m thinking about crystal knobs for the drawer pulls.. I’ve seen them at Hobby Lobby and all over etsy and thats the route I’ve decided to go.
Although there was too much rain (never thought I could say that while living in the heat of Texas), we made out for a pretty good weekend.  I am hoping to make it to the pool sometime this week with the littles.. I know all those neighborhood people are just dying to see this belly.
Happy Monday!


May 18, 2015

  1. Weekend photo dumps are my favorite! The rain is kind of getting ridiculous. I have to agree! 🙂

    The Mrs. & Co.

  2. Ashley says:

    That changing table is to die for. Can't wait to see the finished nursery and the pictures from your photo shoot!

  3. StaceyWalden says:

    Gorgeous changing table!!! It looks so good.
    Love the flower crowns on P & J 🙂

  4. *Irene* says:

    So cute!! Would you mind sharing where their outfits are from (the sparkly skirts/tanks)? 🙂

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