36 Weeks

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How far along? 36 weeks + 2 days
Total weight gain: 23+ pounds — after my appointment yesterday, the belly’s fundal height is measuring exactly 36 weeks.  She also, after feeling around a little, is convinced that this little girl has turned breech.  It wouldn’t surprise me- she kept me up the entire night before moving her little body all over the place!  I have a sonogram scheduled for next Monday afternoon, so we shall see!  I am not doing a VBAC, so her position doesn’t really matter.. but I am curious due to the fact that she’s been head down for about 5 weeks already.  I know girl, I’d be tired of my sitting on your head, too. 
Maternity clothes? Nothing fits this bump unless it has side-ruching.  I try to fit into regular tees and tanks, but its laughable and clearly only acceptable amongst the family at home:)  I is SO hot these days – even if its only 95 (95 !!) degrees outside, the humidity makes it feel like 148.  Pants are optional – and that is no joke.  I am notorious for wearing sweatpants in the summer time, but not this summer.  The more lightweight the material is, the better.. including those yoga pants I’m wearing.  They are definitely a splurge (hello, Nordstrom Bucks) but I know for a fact that these will be amazing post-baby belly also.  I never stopped wearing my Gap tanks (which are 40% off right now) after pregnancy/nursing the twins.. and I have a feeling those will fall into the same line.  
Peek-a-Belly. I have thought long and hard about just giving up and wearing a tent for the next three weeks, or so.
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Sleep: Yep.  How amazing it is to not have to deal with insomnia this time around in pregnancy. That was numero uno on my complaint list with the twins.. and I am oh-so thankful that I don’t deal with that now.  I have a feeling it has to do with a couple of busy toddlers and their energy level times a billion for 99% of their wake hours.  The moment they are in bed, I am ready to hit the pillow, too!
Best moment this week: I had to take the twins with me while solo to my OB checkup  because Jordan was working.. they did SO good.  I was really impressed with my little sidekicks- because morning appointments can go a handful of ways, and most often it isn’t in my favor.  I made sure to bring books and crayons for them to sprawl the exam room, but they were so interested in what my nurse and Dr. Walsh was doing pertaining to ‘mama’s tummy’.  Parker was the sweetest and laid her hand on my belly as we listened to the heartbeat,  and then again as Walsh measured me for growth.  She was saying her name non-stop (Dr. Walsh and her staff do know her name..) and it was just so precious.  In the last month they have really taken mind to the bump that is always in the way.. I’m curious as to how they will act once the bump is no longer an issue for them and fitting into my lap.   
Miss Anything? The usual: tummy sleeping, normal eating, being able to make it through the day without a cat nap, being heartburn-less..and basically fitting into my regular clothes with ease.
Cravings:  Nothing really new from the normal of the last 35 weeks – except I’ve come to desire an iced (half-caf) coffee from Starbucks.  Never been an iced coffee drinker, and it really must be beach my body reads at nine-hundred degrees and I need something to cool it down.  Oh- and we’ve had grilled steak twice since the weekend.  Its Wednesday.
Symptoms: Nada much to complain about really – BUT the congestion has returned.. even with the humidifier going at full blast every night.  Its super mild, and I’m assuming related to being late in my pregnancy.  I have also come to start taking off my rings before bed at night.  I’m swelling in my hands only over night and into the morning, making it so uncomfortable for the first few hours I’m awake.  If thats all I’ve got- I’ll take it.  Braxton Hicks are becoming more regular – again, something I dealt with the twin pregnancy really earlier on (about 24 weeks), so I know the drill with these.  We’ve gotten to the point where her sudden movements in the womb will promote a BH.  No biggie.  Walsh did make the comment that if and when I start to have contractions that are 10 minutes apart, I needed to head to the hospital. I know thats not the normal recommendation – but with a previously high risk pregnancy under my belt, she’s taking all cautions. 
Looking forward to: We have finished her nursery!  Just weeks away from her arrival.  Ok.. well- we still have no mattress to lay her on, but I picked up the bedding yesterday, which was really the final piece to the puzzle for the nursery completion.  I cannot wait to share!  I had a huge sign of her name made to hang over her crib, SO.. her nursery reveal will be post-birth, but I promise it will be quick.. because I cant hardly wait.  We hung everything on the wall over the weekend, and it totally made the room come together as complete.  Now- we just have to wait for this sweet baby girl to get here.  3 more weeks!


June 24, 2015

  1. I'm now 37 +3 and side-rouching is the only thing besides maxi dresses I can sport outside of the house lol. I totally feel ya. It's been hotnhere in VA as well and I'm not a huge fan. My bp is acting up and I'm actually on my way to the OB for my weekly appointment now. It's likely they'll talk induction 🙁 Yay for your healthy little one and good luck! We're so close!

  2. dustyleigh says:

    Your comforter is beautiful!! Where did you get it? Also, you are rocking that belly. Makes me miss mine! 🙂

  3. Kristina says:

    THREEEEE weeks! Agh! I can't believe it. I'm so super pumped to see that nursery and baby girl. And I totally have to take my rings off at night, too, or I wake up with pain in my left hand. But at least it fits all the time now because I swelled so much with Lukas that I couldn't even wear my ring at all for the last 12 weeks of pregnancy! You're almost there 🙂

  4. Golden Hill says:

    Oh you are so there!! So excited for you! And now to have the nursery done? Sit back and relax! The last time you'll get to for awhile…right?? 😉 (Except those baby snuggles make it all worth it!!!) I serioulsy can't wait to see the nursery, Its going to be incredible.