Weekend Photo Dump

“Amber, we are really lucky.”
Jordan’s words seemed to have come out of nowhere over breakfast this last weekend, but really.. he isn’t too far off base.  We are lucky.  Our life is far from perfect- but ya’ll we are so blessed.

We spent the weekend doing things we loved: donuts for breakfast, lunch on more than one patio, sunshine (finally!), bathing suits, teeny baby booties in bathing suits, celebrating our sweet babysitter, Dana’s graduation, nursery progress, splash pads, Sonic drinks, (and all the crunchy ice!!), time with Auntie, and a much needed sifting through bins of baby clothes I strategically stowed away after the twins grew out of in hopes for another baby girl someday.  We also spent Saturday night killing it (literally) with our sweet home group friends for a Murder Mystery Dinner- if you haven’t, you must.

Jordan scooped up the little birds on Monday morning and took them to Lake Belton to visit the great-grandparents, Granny and Woogie.  Aunt Veeca and her kiddos also live on the lake + Aunt Jenny was there from Seattle, so it was the most opportune time for them to go.  Woogie has been battling throat cancer for several months, and this week marked the start of radiation.  Amazing news from the doctors- the tumor that changed his voice was gone.  Prayer is an amazing thing.

I stayed behind to manage my normal work week.. especially since I have been finding every single reason NOT to make it into the office since my third trimester began.  While I had the house to myself, I found my eyes flipping through the photo on my phone and watching videos and missing my people..

I’ve become more and more thankful for these kind of weekends.  Feeling as if we couldn’t fit another thing into the mix, but really.. I have less than 6 weeks before this baby girl is set to make her debut- and these kind of blow and go weekends will have to be put aside for a bit (and for good reason, too!)
I hope you all had a great weekend, as well!

All my Texas peeps- After 10 weeks straight of insane rain, we are going on day three of no rain– fist pumps all around, yo.


June 2, 2015

  1. Chelsea says:

    What an amazing praise about the tumor being gone!!! Looks like you guys had a great weekend 😉

  2. JJ Jspot101 says:

    glad you got some sunshine! It poured all weekend here ;(

  3. Heather says:

    The sunshine has been AMAZING! Let's hope the rain stays away for a LOOOOOONG time.

  4. ellibeesmom says:

    I hope the sunshine is here to stay!! The rain has been crazy and I'm so over jt.

  5. Golden Hill says:

    ok….Just about died seeing her golden cheetah halter in that BEAUTIFUL dresser!!! AHHHH LOVE it!!!