37 Weeks + Styled Bump // Stripes

Today is July 1st.  Its birth month, ya’ll.
I still cannot believe how quickly time has flown by since finding out we were expecting on a random Saturday afternoon in November.
Pregnancy‘ had become a four letter word in my book and I was so tired of the dreams and desires to continually be coupled with loss and sorrow.  And then, God chuckled at my own plans for this last year and breathed life + reality into our hopes for another baby.
Here we are.  I’m in the last days.  Thats right, days.  
f o u r t e e n days.
pocket tank c/o pink blush maternity
maxi skirt c/o pink blush maternity
How far along? 37 weeks + 2 days
Total weight gain: 24 pounds
Maternity clothes? Like I’ve mentioned time and time again – my all time favorite pregnancy wardrobe staple has been the maternity maxi skirt and a tank top.  My last pregnancy was spent in bed during the cooler fall and winter months with little need for trendy maternity clothes, so dealing with the need for comfort in my clothes as well as staying cool while pregnant during the heat of the Texas summer has been my priority this time around.  Maternity dresses are well and good – but the skirt gives me shape and helps to distinguish where my boobs begin and hips end.  I’ve been caught in a tent a time or two this last trimester, and its not super flattering.  The skirt I’m wearing by pink blush maternity is really comfy (I say that about all of them..), stretchy, and long.  I am not a short girl by any means – just under 5 feet 7 inches and this skims the floor when I wear it- the way I love it.  This maternity maxi skirt, this cute maternity dress, and this one are currently hanging in my closet and have been in regular rotation for the last 37 weeks – not to mention they are perfect for postpartum, too!
Sleep: Finding comfort has been really interesting this last month, but honestly I am sleeping really well.  I am getting into bed about 10pm and sleep until at least 4am before I wake to use the bathroom.  Naps in the afternoon are still a normal thing. 
Best moment this week: We got to peek in on our growing baby girl earlier this week! We loaded up the girls to come to the appointment with us (we usually bring them for the sonogram appointments) and the moment we pulled into the parking lot they started asking if they were getting to see “baby”  They have really made my heart explode this week with their excitement about the littlest sister.  They must know she’s going to be here soon and can pick up on our excitement about it all, too.  
She is 6 1/2 pounds of baby squishy-ness with cheeks and lips for days.  She is head down and laying into the right side of my pelvis.  We did notice on the sonogram that the umbilical cord is right near the nape of her neck – and the sonographer couldn’t tell if it was just laying there or if it was actually wrapped around her neck.  Parker had the same issue and she did in fact come out with the cord around her neck (twice).  I was instructed to count her kicks, and this child moves non-stop, so I would know if something was up pretty quickly.  As far as my OB can tell, the scheduled day of July 14th seems to be the d-day!  And we just cannot wait to meet her.
quilt / anthro
slouch beanies c/o sweet eloise designs // peplum tank / old navy // fox socks c/o top knots + twirls

Miss Anything? Nada
Cravings:  I have zero desire for food right now.  I don’t feel the sensation of being hungry at all whatsoever and I have found myself lightheaded and feeling really sick to my stomach because I am actually hungry.  This baby girl is taking up all my space and my appetite, too.  Peanut butter + banana toast, yogurt, fruit, and cereal have been my go to.  I mentioned sushi for our last date night and Jordan about hit the roof with excitement- because, yea.. I’m ready for some sushi.
Symptoms: Heavy belly.  No appetite.  Exhaustion.  The usual. 
Looking forward to: Meeting our sweet girl.  We are so ready.  I mean, really ready.  Nursery is done- her space is just precious and I cannot wait to share.  Baby items that we lacked or needed to upgrade have been purchased.  Bags are packed.  Lets do this!
Special thank you to PinkBlush Maternity and B Faith Photography (as usual) for styling this 37 week bump!


July 1, 2015

  1. Becky says:

    as always you all are beautiful inside and out. baby girl is coming to a wonderful home

  2. Kathy Klauer says:

    Love following your blog. It got me through my twin pregnancy. Your photos are always gorgeous and I always want everything…but I HAVE to know where your comforter came from. And the pillows?! We're moving and need to overhaul the bedroom! Good luck!

  3. You look so great! These next couple weeks are going to fly. I can't wait to see those first pictures of your new babe.

  4. I love the pictures! Our sweet boy was due the 12th and surprised us this morning 🙂

  5. amber says:

    Thank you for following! My comforter is from Anthropologie (its actually a quilt)and while I don't think they have this color anymore, they have others! I am in love with the ivory:) The pillows are randoms we've collected over the years- I have no idea where I got the larger grey/purple pillows (they are literally 8 years old) and the brown ones I am pretty sure I picked those up at Hobby Lobby or something of the like ( again.. they are probably 4 years old). Hope that helps!

  6. Amanda Cruse says:

    You are so chic. I love it and I love the top! I may have to buy it just because I love it. Who cares that it's maternity, right? You are rocking pregnancy! XO

  7. Just ordered those fox socks! So precious! Your little one on the right (Jolie?) is such a model. She's always working the camera!

  8. amber says:

    Yes! That's Jo! She is all about the camera – my sweet girl:)

  9. Golden Hill says:

    Oh WOW!! You are stunning as always. Absolutely gorgeous and everything is just perfect!! So so excited for your family right now!

  10. Kristina says:

    BIRTH MONTH!! Woo! Stunning, as always. I love the girls' hats and that they got in on some belly kisses. Can not wait to see that precious little face! Eee!

  11. Cassie says:

    I've been living off of smoothies… cold, blended yumminess always hits the spot even with nothing else sounds good.