Pregnancy Favorites | 3rd Trimester

Although it is a little premature to be wrapping up this last trimester already – because I still have some time to go.. and this just might jinx me into labor, b u t I wanted to share my 3rd trimester favorites.  Being pregnant in the summer has its pros and cons as does being pregnant in the winter months.  We have been spending a ton of time outdoors, so being comfortable in my skin and with this exponentially growing belly was important to me- especially in these last few weeks!

1 // tarte contour palette 
I have NO idea how to contour.  None.  Zero.  But, somehow I was talked into the purchase of this palette and then had to figure out how to use it after the fact.  I went to searching Kate’s blog for tips and found couple of youtube videos that seemed helpful and liked this article the best, but still I am at a loss with what exactly contouring is. What I do know is that the highlighter of this palette brightens the darkness around my eye area and cheekbones, as well as hide the ‘pregnancy mask‘ that I have seemed to develop this go round in pregnancy.  I am thinking that is related to the amount of freckles I typically have on my face in the summer as well as the amount of time we have spent outdoors in the sun.  Whatever the cause- using the highlighter + bronzer combo really can change my face without having to wear a ton of makeup in the first place – and to be honest, makeup is an after thought these days.  I would rather wear none at all then take the time to apply it:)
2 // 9 naturals sunscreen
Summertime is once again upon us along the summer heat, and while I appreciate it laying by the pool, it brings on a slew of skincare woes – including that pregnancy mask I mentioned above. I know it’s important to protect myself from the sun and heat, but as an expecting mother, it’s also important to protect my sweet growing babe from potentially harmful chemicals that are present in many skincare lines.  I recently had the opportunity to try Nine Naturals and really love it!  Nine Naturals is a line of 100% plant based hair and body care products specifically created with pregnant and new mothers in mind.​  All Nine Naturals products are free of toxins including sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances. This has been in my pool bag since the beginning of summer, and I have loved using it! I have also used it on Parker and Jolie – as it is gentle enough for their sensitive baby skin. Plus, plus?  It isn’t stinky:)
3 // all about the comfy tee
This is totally a broken record, because h o w many times have I mentioned my love of the comfy tee- but now more than ever I am really appreciating it.  The entire gap pure body line is my favorite and has fit the growing bump well throughout this entire pregnancy.  I also have come to love a handful of tees I wore pre-pregnancy – but heres the thing, they still fit and are THE best.  All about the unisex fit tee!  Loved by Hannah and Eli, Ezra + Eli, and Hello Apparel are just a couple of my favorite ‘small shop’ brands. So – my pre pregnancy size small has worked well because I am not one to prefer the tight clothing post twin belly.
4 // summer polish
Because what is better to a pregnant woman’s soul than a fresh pedi?  Essie and OPI are my typical go-to and while I am all about the warmer color tones, I love something bright and fun for summer.
5 // tums
hello, heartburn.  You have completely cramped my style these last couple months.  I have been popping Tums a couple times a day and they do the trick to hold back the burn.   I have noticed some relief since baby girl has dropped some, but I still keep them close by just in case.
6 // go with the flounce
I was standing in the bathing suit aisle at Target contemplating the purchase of a one-piece and another pregnant gal next to me was doing the same and she called me out to thank me for the handful of two piece suits I was holding in my hand.  Honestly, the one piece suit stresses me out because this bump is l a r g e and nearly impossible to cover up well enough.  So, to stay in the modest department, I prefer and have come to love the new trend of the flouncy top this summer. VS does it again with this top (I want it in every color!), this strappy flounce top is gorg for summer (and on sale), and while I love the pattern options, I’m afraid the extra weigh of the girls wont do well for this super cute top, but might work for others.  Either way – staying clear of the triangle top (thanks to my hand grabby toddlers) and thankful for the full coverage two-piece options.

What am I missing from this list?  I feel like this just about sums it up for me, of course in combination with the other favorites from my first and second trimester.


July 3, 2015


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