Supper Club Newbies

This weekend we had our first Supper Club since the babies were born.  I remember talking about amongst the girls last month (while very pregnant) and thinking it would never get here, and here we are with a recap.
But first- this teeny tiny baby girl turned 2 weeks old on Saturday.
Still sleeping a lot, but she stays awake between 1 or 2 feedings every day and still as sweet as ever.  I think her daddy could agree – we could snuggle her all day long.
Who has/needs a to-do list, anyway.
lace bow / baby jules boutique // pocket romper / remie co
Back to Supper Club..
We decided that a late lunch would be the most fun (and easiest for bedtime routines for the new bebes), so after a rather non-existent nap time for the twins (that is happening more often these days, I’m afraid), we headed over to the Cabrera’s with our bathing suits in tow.
bathing suits / gap // piggie clips c/o ellia may designs
 It was the perfect day for the pool- rather warm out..and after we ate a casual lunch the older kiddos and the boys were the first in the pool
 Me and this new mama sat the sidelines with our babes – the patio was covered and cool.  Neither of us were quite ready to get in a suit just yet, but still enjoyed the conversations over raspberry lemonade and baby cuddles.
Snack break – and just about the only time these two paid any mind to me while we were there.  
The pool is w a y cooler than mom.
I didn’t mind the ice cream cone faces!
 While we tried to make it an early night.. 9pm rolled around so quickly – and Toy Story on the tv screen was all it took for these sweet kiddos to stop running a million miles an hour while we adults continued our random conversations about anything and everything.
I always enjoy my people and thankful to do life with them and their growing families!
Then a little bit on S U N D A Y
Because a pedicure with my newest girl is worth documenting. I was desperate and mentioned to Jordan that the only thing I REALLY wanted to do this weekend was get a pedicure.  My feet were desperate and have been heavily neglected this summer due to an enormous baby bump.  
After my much needed pedi we headed over for dinner and more swimming with the Singleton’s.  Mandy cooked us a yummy dinner, and the girls played non-stop until we peeled them away to make our way home.   
These girls are just a couple months apart and always have the best time together!
Fruit Snacks + Besties
They are growing so quickly!

Super easy weekend spent with friends and their families – definitely another great weekend for the books! I never want these summer weekend days to end.  5 more days until Friday.  

Who else is counting down?  Happy Monday!  XO!


July 27, 2015

  1. Kristina says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! 🙂

  2. She is such a cutie patootie! I somehow always forget how tiny they start out. 🙂 And I've been wanting to start a supper club myself, I think it would be so much fun!

  3. Golden Hill says:

    Just perfect!!! Love it all!!

  4. Aw momma, how teeny tiny is she??