Baker’s First | Bathtime

Baker’s firsts.  I get so giddy to think about these new ventures with our baby girl.
Not only as a new mama to miss Baker, but to be able to include Parker and Jolie into the scenario too!  We’ve made a real effort to include the girls in everything they can be (and want to be for that matter..).  Parker and Jolie get so excited to help, play, feed, rock, and love on ‘baby Baker’ – so it was important that we included them in her first bathtime experience as well.
They were SO excited.
I’ve been waiting for Baker’s belly button to fall off and finally, finally it fell off earlier this week- at 21 days old.  It seemed like it was taking forever (normal is 7-21 days), but alas the wait for Baker’s bath time was over:)  I was so over the sponge baths- I never felt like it ‘cleaned’ her well enough and she always seemed dry the next day.
Not completely sure how Baker would do with soaps and lotions (we had the hardest time with Parker – even the classic Johnson’s and Johnson’s broke her out into a rash) I welcomed the opportunity to try out Mustela Bébé products.  After reading a little more about their products, I was impressed with all this brand had to offer.  I have seen their products on the shelves lining the baby aisles, but had never picked them up to try.
For Baker’s first bath, I used the Foam Shampoo for Newborns, and it was perfect for exfoliating her baby head and removing the dry skin that had accumulated on her scalp and forehead since she was born.
Not to mention- it smells amazing and provides promise of prevention of cradle cap.
After washing her hair, I lathered her up with 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash – and once again, smells amazing and got her squeaky clean.
While Baker wasn’t the biggest fan of her time in the tub, I am hopeful she’ll come around to loving them sooner or later.  We take a lot of bubble baths in this house (we also tried Mustela’s mild bubble bath, and really love it!) 
The girls loved having the littlest sister share their evening bubble bath – they talked about it all through dinner and as we laid them down for bed.  
Talk about crazy adorable.

Thinking about all these firsts to come with our Baker Bree lets me relive those moments I had with the twins just two short years ago all over again.  Even something as simple as bath time.. because, you guys, I thought about her first bath for like a week.
I lathered her up from head to toe with the most yummy smelling baby lotion and the sister girl slept for 3 hours – through dinner and into the late evening.  She was wiped!

So excited for all the Baker’s Firsts to come.
Even if she cries the entire way through.


August 5, 2015

  1. Golden Hill says:

    I love how you make bath time so fun for your big girls. Baker will quickly feel the same I'm sure. I, on the other hand, dread bath time for my kiddos. It's SO MUCH WORK! Lately, each time when I'm filling up the tub, I always think about you and how much your kiddos love it. Makes me want to have a better attitude and make it a better (happier) experience for all of us!! Lol… thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. I have a suggestion to help Baker enjoy bath time more! I have a 4 month old little lady and she loves swaddle baths! Lay a clean, warm and wet flour cloth or wash cloth over her little body in the bath sling, big enough to cover arms and legs! Then just uncover whatever part you're washing! My little one liked the feeling of being secure and she rarely cried during bath time!