Soaking up the Sweet Mess

Halfway through the week and I feel like my days are running together.  
I’ll tell you what.. being a full-time stay at home mom right now has been amazing – but you ladies that really do this SAHM gig all the time — and do it so well — are a different breed of women.  You ladies are r o c k s t a r s.  The days of being at home with my girls have bene amazing.  Totally amazing.  But the moments when you want to pull your hair out because a couple of toddlers are jumping on the couch and you have said over and over to STOP jumping on the couch.  But since you are feeding a baby — and they know it — they both laugh.  In your face.
I’m telling you.  They smell the frustration.
But then again – waking up to sleepy snuggles every single morning.  Spending quality time with my people all the time.  Going to Target to shop the $1 bins whenever I want (you do it, too) — I would love that.
Trying to soak up all this sweetness — or sweet mess that life seems to be right now.  These last 6 weeks have slipped by in a blink and I have 6 weeks left before going back to work.  It is messy and some days I feel like we have sat in front of the tv for too many hours and some days when I am solo for 24+ hours I find myself texting Jordan to tell him that ‘I’m a bad mom because..’ only to have him remind me that I am not a bad mom.  
But truthfully most days, even the messy ones, are absolutely amazing.
Anyway- a few of my random thoughts for you on this Wednesday.
Most of which occur during the wee hours of the morning and most of which are also mindless.
A mind mess, if you will.
 ..and just because she’s so darn cute..
  Good gracious.  The double chins.  Never looked so good!
I hope you are having a great week!


August 26, 2015

  1. I dont know how you do it leave your little ones I am still trying to imagine going back to work in a year after I graduate and leaving my little nine month old boy who will be a year and nine months when the time comes I am already a nervous wreck and its still so far! There are times I would love to wake up and get away for 8 hours even if its work but being a stay at home mom is all me and my boy have ever known since he was born and I feel blessed to have been able to stay home and raise him. Your little family is adorable love the PB&J!

  2. So sweet! And she definitely got Parker's cute button nose!

  3. Those sweet little cheeks! So cute!

  4. Kylie says:

    I needed this read. I find myself texting or telling my husband "I'm a bad mom because.." only to have him say "you are not… etc". So thank you. Its nice to know I'm not the only one in this crazy world of motherhood. I'm a working mama as well, so I feel ya. Soak in EVERY moment. Your littles are adorable. That grin! 🙂