Week's End

This week swung the life pendulum from SO much fun to one of the worst days of my motherhood life to SO much fun (again).   
Monday started off our week for a play date with Jessica and her sweet girls Harper, Elliott (Elle), and Livvy.  It is a funny story to tell about the way that Jessica and I met, but having her in my life has proven to be fruitful and besides the fact that Parker and Jolie love her little girls, Jessica and I are basically the same person in different bodies.   
 THREE hours, lots of loving on each other’s tiniest babies (Livvy and Baker are just about a week apart), chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and one ha-UGE ice cream cone mess later we called it a day.
bow // cardigan (similar)
After I made my way home I tapped into Insta and this popped up on my feed.
t u e s d a y Jordan and I had tickets to the Ranger’s game and se we let this adorable little thing tag along..  
 beer + burgers + chips + guac + salsa
Way better than any restaurant could share.  Plus – how fun is this?? We’ve never tailgated just the two (three) of us.
DATE night was the best night. The game was so much fun! Rangers were fighting for first place over the Astros and it kept the crowd loud and proud. 
Baker slept through to the 7th inning before she woke.  Cozy in the wrap – and by the way, baby-wearing is probably the best concept/invention everrrr. 
She did SO good.. hardly made a peep and watched so intently all the moving parts around her.  The baseball stadium had so much to look at!  
 Meanwhile.. the twins had their first sleepover with auntie and uncle J since Grayson made his arrival.  The sent pictures as the evening went on.
They helped make dinner..
 ..and fed baby Grayson.  The have talked all about their sleepover nonstop since they got home.  They LOVE him and they love their time with Auntie and Uncle J!
W e d n e s d a y.. I have ZERO pictures from Wednesday and not because we didn’t do anything fun – because I tried to do something fun, but it completely blew up in my face.  Repeated tantrums, fussing, crying- I didn’t even recognize my children with the way they acted.. I didn’t recognize myself the way I responded, either. It was tough. Finally leaving to go home with three screaming babies in tow- echoing through the mall and drawing stares from strangers in every corner. Probably the hardest most embarrassing day I’ve experienced since having three babies, and I almost want to say that this was the hardest day since becoming a mom, period.  I had several non-proud moments.  I cried all day out of guilt and frustration and confusion as to what to do with my unhappy kiddos. AND Jordan was at the fire station. Of course. Thankful for grace and redemption from a tough day.
School came early Thursday morning, but thankfully it was a new day and we were all in great spirits! I’m glad they love school and are okay going.  Daddy brought us some donut holes on his way home from the fire station and Parker found it funny/hilarious that Jolie didn’t want her to kiss her with a ‘sticky mouth!’ 
These girls!
 headwrap // tank // pants // moccs
While Parker and Jolie were at school, me and this sweet one met Jackie and Victoria for some coffee and fellowship. 
bow // romper (similar
Thursday night we found ourselves on a second date night in one week- that has got to be some sort of parental record!  Jordan got tickets to the Garth Brooks concert for our anniversary    and I was just the giddiest little fan girl on the planet.  You guys.  I have been dying to see Garth for years. We planned and paid for an entire Vegas trip to see Garth play at a the Wynn, and then couldn’t get tickets.  Whoops!  A N Yway this show.  It was amazing.  
 My friend Jessica says there are GARTH people and there are GEORGE people.  While I totally hold all respect for the George people, I am totally Garth people.  My earliest memories of music are of Garth (and Tricia).  Trisha is my Reba, ya’ll..and when she came out- so many memories and so many emotions!  I remember being like 6 years old playing Barbie dolls in my little friend on my soccer team Erica’s garage and jamming to some Garth and Trisha.  
I knew every single word to every single song.  I bounced around- dancing and sweating – I’ve never had so much fun at a concert. It was so awesome!  Someone on IG used the word ‘electric’ and thats exactly right.  Every moment of that concert. I didn’t want it to end!  I may or may not have lost my voice just a little bit..  Whatever, so worth it!
Thunder Rolls to The Dance to Much Too Young ..Beaches.. Callin’ Baton Rouge..Unanswered Prayers.  Every song you can think of.  
..and, Low Places.  Because, duh.
Listening to this back I can apologize now for MY singing. It was so loud in there I was basically screaming the words and you can hear me just enough, and at least it’s muffled:)
..and I’ll just leave you on this Friday with Jordan’s belting tune to Trisha 🙂
His mama called him precious after I texted this video to her. 

It was an amazing week!!  Happy Weekend, ya’ll!


September 18, 2015

  1. The little bell bottom outfits the girls are wearing are ADORABLE!!! I wish they had them in adult sizes!

  2. Chelsea says:

    How precious!!! Looks like you guys had a great weekend
    Chelsea @thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  3. Golden Hill says:

    What a blast!! Tailgating and all?! Wow…can't believe she did so good!

  4. I'm sorry you had a tough day but glad you recovered! Your little girlies look so cute in all the pics! Can't believe how big Baker looks already!