Feels like Fall | Saturday + Pumpkins

This weekend was one of those weekends that I didn’t want to end.  Part of me didn’t want it to end because it was just a perfect couple of days with my favorite people.  I also didn’t want it to end because the weight of a new week would be upon me..which included my first day back at work.  Tomorrow I go back to work after being home with my three girls and my handsome Gent for 15 weeks.  Tomorrow marks the day that our new normal will begin and my role as full time stay at home mom will end.  I am so thankful for my time with them this weekend spent soaking in those last few days.  It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend.  The first weekend when the fall weather stuck around for a bit.  
Friday, Jordan was at the fire station and Sunday was laaaazy.. and tearful, if I’m honest.
Saturday.  Saturday was good.  We woke early and got dressed and headed to Dallas to visit the Arboretum.  Neither Jordan or myself had ever been there before, so this was a memory that was fun to share together.  Daddy and his girls walked hand in hand..and what you don’t see is Jordan and the twins skipping their way through the gardens on our way to the pumpkin village.       
 slouch beanies // vest (sold out) option + option // dress // boots
 So many pumpkins! I wish I would have taken a picture to show you.. but believe me when I say there were thousands.  The girls were in complete heaven milling through all the pumpkins.  They were so proud to pile up their ‘selections’ (they weren’t for sale..) talking all about them during their picking process.
 When did she grow to 13.  No really.  
There will come a day when this beauty really is thirteen and I’ll just about cry.  
She was having THE funnest time wobbling her way across these pumpkins and gourds – basically photobombing a bazillion kids/babies in the meantime.
Gah, I love every silly bone in her body.
 And this one.  She’s become such a daddy’s girl lately.  She asks for him all day long while he is away and is his little side kick whenever he’s home.

{Just a little tip about these dresses.. they are made with pretty thin material (perfect for Texas fall) and while they seem long enough at first glance, they get short really quick when the busy toddlers start moving around and playing.  After the advice of a girlfriend, I threw some shorties underneath and that was the perfect fix.}

 These two have such an obsession with acorns.  Literally one of their absolute favorite things to do is collect them.  Parker and Jolie will crouch under trees or walk the side walks of their BB’s neighborhood and come back with handfuls of them.  Handfuls that are insisted that they are brought home, but always end up left in the cup holders of the car.
So.. while the gigantic pumpkins were so awesome.. the acorns quickly stole the show.  
 Sweetest little pumpkin.  She is always content being along for the ride!  She has found the camera extra funny these days and loves to look at herself.  
Also- the drool.  So.Much.Drool.
That three month ‘lemme stick this in my mouth.. and this, and this, and my entire fist while I’m at it’ has started.  If she doesn’t have it in her mouth, she’s drooling all over it.  
After we left the arboretum we lunched and then ran a couple errands before making our way back to town for church.

Nursing room selfie!  We usually try and make the 5 o’clock service on Saturday nights, but 5pm is when Baker usually eats – so Jordan and I parted ways for the first 15-20 minutes of the service while I fed little B.  They have a live stream television, so I didn’t miss a single thing while I nursed her – which I love.
 After church we went to dinner with some friends and this happy babe.  
A low key weekend + memories made.  Thinking about going back to work, I cannot help but feel a bit overwhelmed with it all.  I have done this all before, but now I’m not only leaving my little Baker, but the twins.. for a second time.  Thats tough.  But, I can do it.
I found this to be a great laugh..  and really, this too shall pass.
Happy Monday! XO

October 19, 2015

  1. Going back to work s-t-i-n-k-s! I cried every day, literally, for the first 2-3 weeks dropping my twin babes off at the nanny…. It was sooooo hard, the amount of sadness and guilt was not something I was prepared for. I so very much wish I could stay home with my boys. Stay strong mamma!!!

  2. Kelly Smith says:

    Going back to work is THEE hardest thing…leaving our babies is the worst, but it will get easier. You'll find yourself in a new routine soon enough and it'll be ok. Remember that it's harder on you than it is on them. I feel for you girl. I know what you're going through. Stay strong…this too shall pass. Lots of love to you this week. Thank you for sharing your life on your sweet blog. It is such a highlight to read your posts.

  3. Nora Moreno says:

    Aw good luck today! The world needs rockstar RD's too much!

  4. That looks so fun! Your family is so adorable!!! Love you guys!!!

  5. Who has your girls while your at work? 🙂